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  1. Yes. And it's perfectly moderate at this point of time. Keep it that way. I don't thinks so. From ep. 4x3 we know he's an ass when he drinks, too.
  2. The only hangover I can remember is from 4.3 (The Zazzy Substitution) where Raj gets bombed at Penny's place without any intention to hit on a female. OTOH there are numerous scenes where his SM proved to be great comedy material. I don't consider the SM to be contraindicated for the show. It depends on the authors, how they incorporate it.
  3. Thank you, floyd_girl, loved it as well. Peculiar apparel, though. He looks like a "Falling Down"-Michael-Douglas-lookalike with a nerdy shirt (and amyotrophia)
  4. My favorite scene is probably from 4.17 ("The Toast Derivation") when Sheldon is forced to have dinner at Raj's instead of having Thursday-Night-Pizza at his own place: "We're like hippies at a love-in. [...] Right on, man. Right on. [...] Wonderful. Dinner, some assembly required. [...] A margarita ?! Where are we ?! What is happening ?!"
  5. Come on, give yourself some slack. Even Sheldon has switched to Franconi's (resp. Graziano's) ... without public hearings or even a 60-day comment period!
  6. Norgay

    This or That?

    It obviously depends on the the moon's solar reflection coefficient and the energy storage capacity of kryptonian skin cells, but I'd go for: sun adlerian or freudian?
  7. Norgay

    This or That?

    Elements. Silicon-based or DNA-based life form? (irregardless of the presumed existence of an intelligent creator)
  8. ... you know what the best number is ... and can explain why.
  9. Granted. I still think it illustrates their frame of mind: willing to spend copious amounts of money/labour to serve nerdy needs. Nice joke, BTW
  10. Judging from episode 4.13 "The Love Car Displacement" in which Sheldon uses a hi-def touchscreen device in order to assign seats for a road trip, I assume they just spend a lot of money on fancy stuff.
  11. How about Glenn (Bernadette's BF from ep. 4.13) coming back for one episode and trying to get back with her. It could be hilarious watching Howard trying to stand up to him. As they're both scientists, it could take place on various levels.
  12. As long as one doesn't become Sheldonese by mitosis, one should be fine. As for myself: I chuckled like Sheldon a couple of times and people seemed to get really uncomfortable around me. Besides that, I'm nothing like Sheldon, except maybe for the fact that I tend to use perceived intellectualism as a protective mechanism.
  13. Leonard: You knew that someday, someone would come along who's younger and smarter. Sheldon: Yes, but I assumed I would've been dead hundreds of years. And that there'd be an asterisk by his name because he'd be a cyborg. from: 1.12 - The Jerusalem Duality ------------------------------ Sheldon: So this is Engineering, huh? [...] Engineering, where the noble semiskilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. Hello, Oompa Loompas of science. from: 1.12 - The Jerusalem Duality You probably mean 2.4 "The Griffin Equivalency" where Penny goes out with Raj. Howard: You're just gonna sit around here and mope while Penny is out with Dr. Apu from the Kwik-E-Mart? Leonard: It's not a date and that's racist. Howard: It can't be racist. He's a beloved character on The Simpsons.
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