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  1. Definately Zach and Kripke
  2. There were a couple of posts i didnt bother with because i re read the same line lol. been a while since i posted here
  3. At a distance, a well placed bullet!
  4. I'm waiting til the new year to get the Star Wars Box-set. I've told family NOT to get me it for xmas, as it will most likely be reduced a fair bit. If not, I'll wait...
  5. That would work, remember the no pants 'speech' after to glasses of wine lol
  6. If Nimoy ever did appear, I think Sheldon would to so dumbstruck, he'd be silent for the entire episode scenes he appears with him lol!
  7. As long as they dont drag the show down, emmy wins or not. It's the whole show not just one character, JP may get good lines/delivery but if the rest is poor then whats the point.
  8. This season or possibly season 6. It's beginning to run out of steam. They should go out when it's still reasonably good.
  9. And Raj with a box of beers (again)
  10. True, But without Jobs, Apple today wouldn't even have begun in the first place. Jobs's relentless drive and charisma brought Woz's genius to the public and for that we should be thankful.
  11. He did, remember Steve Wozniaks guest appearance. Sheldon didnt care for showmanship and turtleneck sweaters. My phone is due an upgrade next week, so It's the iPhone 4 for me
  12. Apple has announced that Steve Jobs has died aged 56! He was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer This is the apple site today www.apple.com I am genuinely saddened by Steve Jobs passing RIP Steve.
  13. I want to see Sheldon Hit the Gym Meet Steve Jobs/Bill Gates/Shatner
  14. The Einstein Approximation. One of my faves too
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