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  1. and your CC details suddenly being...
  2. Another 'you get what you pay for' crappy site selling dodgy gear I wouldn't put 100 yds near any PC.
  3. It is, I have an iPhone and I checked
  4. Good God!, Now there's is a waste of airtime right there!
  5. A box of OMO and a plates scrubbing brush lol
  6. Lord of the Rings. Cant get myself motivated to watch this at all.
  7. TracerTong


    You can buy it for the Kindle for .69p
  8. Following the Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek, how could you lol
  9. A small point, but a valid one
  10. It's not one we have here in Scotland. A new one to me. Define
  11. Ringtone: A section from a song called Push Push (Lady Lightning) by Bang Camaro Alert: Tri-tone Alarm: None Pic: A Mercury Splash
  12. Thats something I never understood about abductions, WHY probe us anally? They've mastered interstellar travel, I'm sure they could easily have some sort of medical scanning equipment, we have!
  13. I've never heard the expression 'woobie' ?
  14. Sounds like a wee dig at me for daring to say something is spam lol
  15. ...and he is called by his name almost all the time. Troll
  16. A well hung billionaire with wings!
  17. I'm naturally suspicious of anyone (or bot) that registers onto a forum only to post their wares and nothing relating to the forum itself.
  18. If there was a 3rd apartment, wouldn't there at least be some reference to the neighbor on the same floor? Also, couldn't Leonard hear Penny's toilet flushing from their apt? Pretty good considering there's a Lift shaft and stairs separating their flats. That is some building they live in
  19. So for your 1st post, you spam a website url what may or may not be legit.
  20. Hey! I now know how to pronounce her second name! Coo o co
  21. I'm thinking the character is about 30
  22. On the Wii Although MGS2 and 3 would be great to see redone in HD
  23. What app did you use to do the floorplans?
  24. Those are great, you even got that anomolous door behind Sheldons 'spot' in the main room. On the face of it, they are quite logically laid out for a TV show set.
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