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  1. I love the Fallout games, completed 3, but I think I am stuck on NV and I have a sneaking suspicion I'll need to restart!
  2. Mary Cooper + *Mrs. Wolowitz + Kurt -- Sheldon Cooper - 36 Raj Koothrappali - 27 Leonard Hofstadter - 22 Penny - 24 Howard Wolowitz - 25 Beverly Hofstadter - 19 Mary Cooper - 20 Missy Cooper - 17 *Amy Farrah Fowler - 17* *Mrs. Wolowitz -22* *Priya Koothrappali - 0* - DEAD! Leslie Winkle - 19 Stuart - 15 Alecia - 11 Kurt - 0 DEAD! Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 11 Romana Nowitzki - 0 - DEAD! Dr. Gablehauser - 5 Kripke - 0 - DEAD!
  3. Remember what happened with Dr Stephanie Barnett. She just disappeared the next ep and was NEVER referenced to again!
  4. I'm thinking more like Jerry Stiller (Georges' Father in Seinfeld) , but fatter.
  5. Do you honestly see this show making it to seven seasons?
  6. Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 - loved that! The Timesplitters series of games, criminally not updated to HD versions. Currently, Borderlands and Portal 2
  7. The Ipad is just a bigger flatter iPhone.
  8. That was hilariously bad! Chris Sarandon as a vampire, and the screeching kid vampire. If you've never seen this and get a chance, watch it.
  9. That would be Captain Arogonto
  10. Welcome :D Enjoy, our small humunculus of a forum of all things TBBT
  11. I know. Vampires + Sparkle? WTF! They should be embarrassed even MAKING that crap lol
  12. Yup, the Daywalker. I like my Vampires Baddass and not whiney angst ridden bitches
  13. My daughter LOVES this crappy series of films, but then, she is only 12. I think the attached pic sums up the ownage here... Even the soppy look on their faces
  14. There are a lot of great lines, but again, the Sex Criminal one cracks me up every time. Paging Dr. Cutie Pie!!!
  15. Probably some of the funniest comedies EVER! I own the Definitive edition, this has been watched sooo many times I cannot count. A rarity, a show that ended on a high (Dermot Morgan (Ted) died of a heart attack at 46) But he left a brillaint legacy in this show!
  16. Oxen are in my bed! Many, many oxen Show me your mucus! Show me your mucus!
  17. Zack definately. Holey Moley! - Don't know why, Just Do! Keith Carradine is always a good thing! Penny and Leonards Mums' need I say more. Alicia, it could be she moved in with some producer, and thats why we never see her. Lesley, Stuart, Barry. Definately
  18. Agree. Raj is more a Dweeb than Dork oh look... 73 posts!
  19. Excellent venn diagram Raj could also fall under Dork
  20. When I was younger (teens), Leonard/Raj were kinda my social skills (or lack of)
  21. I've not regg'd there, always looks dead to me
  22. What!?! Could you elaborate on that one? [never mind, just found the article http://neurophilosophy.wordpress.com/2007/03/09/rats-are-capable-of-assessing-their-own-knowledge/]. I'm pretty sure similar meta-cognition has been proven in both cetaceans and hominidae. That's why I added the apparently. I half heard it somewhere.
  23. Maybe, I cant recall; it's along the lines of his usual facts during their take out sessions. Another: Apparently, rats are the only other creature that is self aware
  24. The word "curry" is an anglicised version of the Tamil word kari, meaning 'sauce,' which is usually understood to mean vegetables/meat cooked with spices with or without a gravy.
  25. Remember Raj's reaction to the news [The Herb Garden Germination] about Bernadettes possible decsion to Dump Howard; He was positively ecstatic, he could bearly hide the fact, and in front of Sheldon and Leonard. I think there is a dark side to Raj
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