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  1. I think in a podcast, Simons (Howard) wardrobe assistant said there will be an explanation about both the belt buckles and the Alien pin badges in a future episode.
  2. Thanks guys. Been reading up on some of the Episode threads, very interesting and EVERYONE seems totally into this show big time. I only discovered it at Christmas (series 1-3 xmas present). I've watched at least 3-4 eps a week since January!!! Season 4 via net and lovingly stored on a HDD (Colon, Capital D) :D
  3. I love that song Another good song, again by Jonathon Coulton is from Portal 2. GLaDOS singing I Want You Gone. Again, the End Credits song! The Halo Soundtracks would another good one
  4. The scene in the Hospital when the Doc asked where the rest of the 'robot' was, and Howard said he just built the arm and she answers 'Cos thats ALL you needed, right!' Priceless :D
  6. Yeah, Sheldon was wise is the ways of womankind!
  7. Blackadder goes Fourth with them all going 'over the top' and it fading to the poppy fields in the present day.
  8. She said he was like a sexy toddler, after smelling the Talc on him. Ca-Razy!
  9. Does he not mention that engineers do not need one?
  10. More Stuart and his unrequited love for Penny. Loved the possibility of being stood up a stray cat chat.
  11. Thanks, been having a look around and I didn't realise there was an unaired pilot! I manged to find it and watch it. Definitely prefer our final gang. Although Gilda would have been a good secondary char but Leslie was her really.
  12. Found it, about to give it a watch now
  13. 'You would hit reticulate soil in a colloidal suspension.'
  14. Hi from Sunny Scotland. Love the show, have it on right now
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