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  1. Haven't posted on here in ages while I stil watched the show each week. Real life and getting healthy got in the way. S8 was a bit of a let down imho but I thoroughly been enjoying the current season! Thanks to the writers for stepping up and making it fun to watch again. Wasn't a great fan of the Shamy when it first started but adored Mayim's acting as Amy and that was main reason I came to love the connection. Felt really bad when they were broken up as they really do complete each other. So obviously I loved this episode, the reunion was done with great care as I loved seeing Sheldon find out what Amy really meant to him and act to that notion consequently. Adored the "You're my heartworm" line! Bernadette's conversation with Amy was great as was the interaction between Penny and Leonard! Raj / Howard I didn't enjoy this time... Creepy and childish Thanks for this episode!
  2. While I haven't been online here for quite some time, I never stopped watching the show. Had some doubts last season it was worth to keep watching... However stuck with it and finally really liked this episode ( previous episodes were ok ish ) to much emphasis on the girly stuff lately ( did love the comic book discussion girls had in another season though ) The girly stuff takes away from what the show initially was all about. If too much it becomes just another average tv show The girls discussion I could see from both sides, but in the end have to side with Amy. Her reasoning was one that was most in the thoughts of what it should be like. It took me some Mississipi's to register it was actually Billy Bob Thornton playing the doc. He fit very well in the settings of the show and was pleasantly surprised with his comedy timing! Also the story was a great one, more in the line of the guys life :-) hope we get to see him again sometime. Just for that I felt the need to read up a bit and post my thoughts :-)
  3. Hahaha You are not alone, I really wanted to post it corrected, but thought nah....she wrote it!
  4. Happy Birthday to Jim! Kaley tweeted this lovely image with a message on Instagram @KaleyCuoco Happy happy birthday to the only any only Jim Parsons! I ❤ u my sweet friend http://instagram.com/p/XPzFkeOWeH/
  5. LOL I was like "Who?!" DM is not the most reliable source on news btw...but I loved the pics Rocky Horror with audience participation is the best I even had that dvd to play at home as sis & me love it. I went to the Broadway version in the theatre , where we got to bring waterguns, toiletpaper & all that shit & had an amazing time laughing & reciting the lines when you need to as well as trowing stuff we brought. I agree people not having seen this are missing out indeed
  6. Awww.... I love "The Rocky Horror Picture show" and Jim as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is great! Can't watch video till I'm home from work, but here is another link with some pics from the charity show. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2297120/Big-Bang-Theorys-Jim-Parsons-wears-fishnet-tights-perform-Rocky-Horror-song-cast.html Also loved seeing Kaley as Magenta & Simon as Riff-Raff in the photo's. Cool thing to be doing for charity! Kudo's to the BBT crew <3
  7. Jim in the March Issue of GQ :-) Enjoy!
  8. Voted this episode as Excellent! Loved everything about it. The hacked GPS system...hilarious! The Ster Trek NG costumes were great & the similarity in looks to those ST characters was spot on. Well done Sheldon with lang hair as Mr Data ...I drooled a little I must admit. It looked great on him. The girls in the comic book store bit was funny & loved that they made them go more into the reason why the guys are so wild about the comics! Saved it on HD recorder as I really want to watch this episode again. Sadly also the last episode my country will air on tv until springtime Will have to watch rest on my laptop for the time being....
  9. Yup, I agree 100% with these points. I liked some of the episodes best that had both "Mum's" in it. The church scene with Sheldon's mum is awesome! Also Leonard's mum had great scenes in the show I loved. As for the rest there is not that much I miss since in the last season the "old" banter seems be to making a comeback
  10. Excellent! Loved the entire episodes & had many LOL moments. "Anal autograph" Hahahaha The look on that man's face was great.
  11. I rated this excellent as I LOVED Sheldon drunk ( Jim was awesome in his acting! ) As I am behind on my to watch list, so I only saw it for the 1st time yesterday & just watched again as it was soo funny! The invisible cow milking remark had me floored as did the losing count in knocking & remembering it again mid sentence. His expressions body & face wise was great. The H/B interaction was nice, but sometimes I wished Howard would grow a spine in the relationship with his mother.... I think Amy had every right to react the way she did, well played by Mayim. Re the relationship with Wheaton is something I wrote about when all of a sudden he was best buds with Sheldon...I still keep an eye out for some backward sarcastic way it will come & haunt Sheldon as Wheaton planned it to get back at him for something...but that is my own opinion!
  12. Am sadly way behind on my online watching routine, so recorded show yesterday from tv. Rated it very good as I love the way the writers are somewhat going back to earlier great stuff & letting some characters evolve in a mature & nice way! The last thing Hawking did with the brainteaser & Sheldon's facial expression, had me squirt coffee all over the place... Now I'm really looking forward to the next episodes I still have to catch up on.
  13. Just saw there was a post made about this already...Oops missed that earlier. You can delete this one if you like Tripper.
  14. Did not see this posted elsewehere yet I think this is very cool!! Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio named the new species of bee after 'nerdy' character Sheldon Cooper's favorite word Big Bang Theory physicist Sheldon Cooper's favorite buzzword has a new claim to fame. The geeky TV character has had a species of bee named after his favorite catch phrase - Bazinga! On the TV show Cooper, who counts Stephen Hawking as his online friend, uses the word to signal that he's just pulled a practical joke on somebody else. Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio said he named the species of Brazilian orchid bee Euglossa bazinga in honor of 'the clever, funny, nerd character Sheldon Cooper,' because the bee had tricked scientists for some time with its similarity to other species. Nemesio published his paper last month in Zootaxa, a journal for worldwide zoological taxonomists. He works at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia in Brazil. Steven Molaro, one of the executive producers of The Big Bang Theory said on Wednesday that the CBS comedy is 'always extremely flattered when the science community embraces our show'. He said: 'Sheldon would be honored to know that Euglossa bazinga was inspired by him. In fact, after ''Mothra'' and griffins, bees are his third-favorite flying creatures.' The Big Bang Theory is a comedy about a group of brilliant but socially awkward scientists. It is one of the most popular comedies on U.S. television, attracting about 18 million viewers an episode Rest of the article to be found here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2256647/Big-Bang-Theory-character-type-bee-named-TV-catchphrase-Bazinga.html
  15. Being a divorcee myself, I know they aren't in for an easy time/years. It took me a long time to come to terms of having a failed marriage & knowing how to deal with it...and I don't even have kids! A divorce is a very personal & private matter & I should hope the press will give them that personal time to come to terms with it....also making assumptions on why a marriage failed is just plain rude imo. People often reach conclusions without knowing the whole, full & 2 sided story...hence why it's a private matter. Outside interference can cause even more trouble for a couple in such a situation needs... Not geared to anyone in particular here I have to add. But I know what people can be like if the D word comes up. Hoping they will come to the best possible arrangement for the kids & trying to set aside any animosity between them. I don't see my ex anymore & know it's for the better.
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