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  1. Haven't posted on here in ages while I stil watched the show each week. Real life and getting healthy got in the way. S8 was a bit of a let down imho but I thoroughly been enjoying the current season! Thanks to the writers for stepping up and making it fun to watch again. Wasn't a great fan of the Shamy when it first started but adored Mayim's acting as Amy and that was main reason I came to love the connection. Felt really bad when they were broken up as they really do complete each other. So obviously I loved this episode, the reunion was done with great care as I loved seeing Sheldon find out what Amy really meant to him and act to that notion consequently. Adored the "You're my heartworm" line! Bernadette's conversation with Amy was great as was the interaction between Penny and Leonard! Raj / Howard I didn't enjoy this time... Creepy and childish Thanks for this episode!
  2. While I haven't been online here for quite some time, I never stopped watching the show. Had some doubts last season it was worth to keep watching... However stuck with it and finally really liked this episode ( previous episodes were ok ish ) to much emphasis on the girly stuff lately ( did love the comic book discussion girls had in another season though ) The girly stuff takes away from what the show initially was all about. If too much it becomes just another average tv show The girls discussion I could see from both sides, but in the end have to side with Amy. Her reasoning was one that was most in the thoughts of what it should be like. It took me some Mississipi's to register it was actually Billy Bob Thornton playing the doc. He fit very well in the settings of the show and was pleasantly surprised with his comedy timing! Also the story was a great one, more in the line of the guys life :-) hope we get to see him again sometime. Just for that I felt the need to read up a bit and post my thoughts :-)
  3. A sucker for anything Robert Redford directs or plays in, so am looking forward to this one. Plus it's a great cast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2r0l6TBszwo Love great animation movies like "Legend of the Guardians The Owls of Ga'Hoole" & "Brave" awesome to watch on blu ray btw... So am looking forward to seeing this because of the humor in it..
  4. Currently it's 15 degrees Celsius with a strong SW wind. At least temps went up, as our building heat transport pump broke 2 days ago. That means no heat anywhere in my building. Forecast for tomorrow will be 22 Celsius. Weather is still out of whack since last week we still had freezing temps here...
  5. At present ( 09.29 PM ) it's 3 C, clouded & I am getting fed up with the cold. I never have my heating on in April....We are supposed to get some higher temps this weekend. Can't wait for some warmer climate!
  6. Hahaha You are not alone, I really wanted to post it corrected, but thought nah....she wrote it!
  7. Happy Birthday to Jim! Kaley tweeted this lovely image with a message on Instagram @KaleyCuoco Happy happy birthday to the only any only Jim Parsons! I ❤ u my sweet friend http://instagram.com/p/XPzFkeOWeH/
  8. LOL I was like "Who?!" DM is not the most reliable source on news btw...but I loved the pics Rocky Horror with audience participation is the best I even had that dvd to play at home as sis & me love it. I went to the Broadway version in the theatre , where we got to bring waterguns, toiletpaper & all that shit & had an amazing time laughing & reciting the lines when you need to as well as trowing stuff we brought. I agree people not having seen this are missing out indeed
  9. Awww.... I love "The Rocky Horror Picture show" and Jim as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is great! Can't watch video till I'm home from work, but here is another link with some pics from the charity show. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2297120/Big-Bang-Theorys-Jim-Parsons-wears-fishnet-tights-perform-Rocky-Horror-song-cast.html Also loved seeing Kaley as Magenta & Simon as Riff-Raff in the photo's. Cool thing to be doing for charity! Kudo's to the BBT crew <3
  10. We had some nice days last week around 17 degrees Celsius. Now it has been snowing non stop since yesterday afternoon with a strong NE wind that makes it feel like -16 degrees Celsius outside...Brrrr I just about had enough of the snow now....normally we don't have that much snow in Holland, but we in the very south are getting a buckload of it this winter...
  11. Currently reading "A Feast for Crows" which is book #4 from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R.R Martin. I started watching "Game of Thrones" on HBO tv 2 years ago & was sucked right in. Because I wanted to know what would happen I bought the 5 books that are out today & started reading. If you like the "fantasy" genre I recommend them highly. Brilliantly written with awesome plots/ twists etc. I even take book with me on way to work so I can read it during my train ride. Can't wait for April 1st, Season 3 will begon for us in Europe on HBO. I must say although I'm Dutch I tend to read my books in English as I have hated some of the translated books I read when I was a kid.. In between I've read "A street cat named Bob" very good as well & Karin Slaughter's "Criminal" which was, as always, brilliant ( have all her books )
  12. Have to add the following Blu rays to my 1st post I have recently bought: Avatar - Extended Collector's edition 3 disc version in a beautiful package ( I saw the movie for the first time some weeks ago when it was on tv & was blown away...) Not a big James Cameron fan tbh but had to buy this version because of the images & all Apollo 13 - 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Steel Case with lots of bonus features Still awaiting my Season 2 pre ordered Game of Thrones Blu ray box
  13. Jim in the March Issue of GQ :-) Enjoy!
  14. Voted this episode as Excellent! Loved everything about it. The hacked GPS system...hilarious! The Ster Trek NG costumes were great & the similarity in looks to those ST characters was spot on. Well done Sheldon with lang hair as Mr Data ...I drooled a little I must admit. It looked great on him. The girls in the comic book store bit was funny & loved that they made them go more into the reason why the guys are so wild about the comics! Saved it on HD recorder as I really want to watch this episode again. Sadly also the last episode my country will air on tv until springtime Will have to watch rest on my laptop for the time being....
  15. My jewels: -LOTR Extended Edition Blu Ray disc set -The West Wing Complete series -The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1 to 5 - All the CSI ( Las Vegas ) special editions : Grave Danger metal case/ Bloodbox 3 cd set metal case / A bullit runs through it with bullit hole in the case / Built To Kill - 3D hologram metalcase - Various Journey ( music ) DVD's as they are hard to come by. Still looking for the DVD version of "Frontiers & Beyond" from 1983 Still have the VHS tape! So far I only found bootleg DVD's & not paying that money as I'm not sure about the quality.. - Various Alfred Hitchcock movies - Various John Farnham ( music ) DVD's as they as aslo hard to come by, most are import. - Judge John Deed Complete series - Inspector George Gently Seasons 1 to 4 - The Professionals Seasons 1 + 2 - The Dark Crystal ( 1st DVD I bought in my life & price was sky high then, but so worth it! ) - Dances With Wolves 4 hour director's cut LOVE this movies & saw it in cinema bunch of times Might add later :-)
  16. Yup, I agree 100% with these points. I liked some of the episodes best that had both "Mum's" in it. The church scene with Sheldon's mum is awesome! Also Leonard's mum had great scenes in the show I loved. As for the rest there is not that much I miss since in the last season the "old" banter seems be to making a comeback
  17. Excellent! Loved the entire episodes & had many LOL moments. "Anal autograph" Hahahaha The look on that man's face was great.
  18. Snow & -6 at the moment, weather will keep holding like this all through next week, possibly colder. This is shitty weather as it causes more Raynaud's syndrome attacks... This is now, it started snowing again in -5 Celsius
  19. I rated this excellent as I LOVED Sheldon drunk ( Jim was awesome in his acting! ) As I am behind on my to watch list, so I only saw it for the 1st time yesterday & just watched again as it was soo funny! The invisible cow milking remark had me floored as did the losing count in knocking & remembering it again mid sentence. His expressions body & face wise was great. The H/B interaction was nice, but sometimes I wished Howard would grow a spine in the relationship with his mother.... I think Amy had every right to react the way she did, well played by Mayim. Re the relationship with Wheaton is something I wrote about when all of a sudden he was best buds with Sheldon...I still keep an eye out for some backward sarcastic way it will come & haunt Sheldon as Wheaton planned it to get back at him for something...but that is my own opinion!
  20. Last movie I saw in theatre was "The Hobbit" Already planning new visit to see the new Denzel Washington movie "Flight" Re Skyfall. When we were in the UK in November, we tried to go see it there, sadly all cinema's that actually had a screening, were sold out...so still have not seen it
  21. Will always stay a great concept & new way of looking at the music video! Talk about a blast from the past! I loved watching him on MTV. He had his own unique way of looking at music... Still pondering over best video question...that is a hard one to answer as I like different styles of music. Will have to get back about that one
  22. Am sadly way behind on my online watching routine, so recorded show yesterday from tv. Rated it very good as I love the way the writers are somewhat going back to earlier great stuff & letting some characters evolve in a mature & nice way! The last thing Hawking did with the brainteaser & Sheldon's facial expression, had me squirt coffee all over the place... Now I'm really looking forward to the next episodes I still have to catch up on.
  23. :-) Thanks Netmouse! Lots of people were photographing themselves there at the end of the movie. Ah, I know how that feels...normally we would have gone to the premiere midnight showing, but my work prevented that & other stuff interrupted going after that... Hope you'll get chance to go real soon
  24. Back from "The Hobbit" in a sold out theatre. I loved it, although some scenes were stretched to long for my liking... The scenery is awesome, seeing Rivendell back on the big screen was awesome! Some fight scenes were taking to long for my liking & seeing it in HFR was a bit much with those fight scenes for my eyes ( only have 10% sight in left eye ) The scenery inside Erebor & the goblin's cave was done very well! I believe 3 D HFR does add to the movie, so will go see the next 2 in that version as well. A little souvenir from tonight
  25. Finally going to the cinema for this tonight We opted for the 3D HFR version, can't wait! Will be back for review later this week
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