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  1. Thanks for posting! Love seeing how he is so in love with his work & telling what it's about. Great answer on the last question that was asked. I wished I could see the play...
  2. Finally an episode I have enjoyed watching again! Many things I liked in this one. The gas segment was great fun to watch & I could imagine them having had some laughs during the taping. First time I really enjoyed seeing Amy in an episode, making an effort to make Sheldon wanting to spent more quality time together...the look on Sheldon's face when he realized what had just happened was priceless! Seeing the 3 dimensional chess game back was cool Funny conversation there & felt sorry for Leonard.. Good to know L&P are still together! Good to see Bernadette was actually genuinely happy the space trip was back on, seeing that she was planning on sabotaging it in earlier episodes. Howard should go into space as he worked real hard for it & deserves it. Last Sheldon & Amy bit was hilarious...poor Shelly! LOL Keep the momentum going guys, well done!! Can't wait for the finale next week.....
  3. Agreed with 1st statement! But they have been taking it to the extreme in this season imo. It could go more gradually & not loose sight of what he is portraying 2nd part about sums up what I thought about the episode. I laughed out loud about 2 or 3 times & it was all happening in the girls segment. Howard's part was what saved the show for me personally as I thought the party in itself was a big letdown..
  4. I wish I knew! I have no idea. ): Et Voila It's from the DVD Season 3 extra's
  5. That was a great interview & he was real chatty there. Oh and the lovely Otis My mum has a dog like that, they are smart cookies!
  6. It's different artwork on the US Amazon link that is the US Amazon link. what's the other Amazon show? http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Big-Bang-Theory-Season/dp/B00683T41E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334085330&sr=8-1 This is the pic for Amazon UK
  7. Thanks to you both for the videos! Great stuff to be watching
  8. Speaking for myself, it's not difficult when American pop-culture references are mentioned. I am Dutch but have lived across people that served in the US military & therefore grew up learning & knowing the English language early. Also have worked at almost always American based companies that required speaking only English. Grew up listening to AFN ( still do ) on the radio & worked at the military base in Schinnen. I almost love all US stuff, so am very up to date with what happens there I could be American as I have been told a lot Hahahaha I also happen to love a number of UK based sit coms. And the Dutch tv buys a lot of UK & US based shows to show here. Thanks to the age of digital tv, we can now also reach out & watch overseas stations that have a variety of tv offerings. However it sometimes is a chore having to sift through all of the shitty stuff that is out there as well...
  9. Thanks for posting! As soon as I have some time , will take a look BTW, I scored a 84% on the quiz, so that validates above statement
  10. Some more additions from moi
  11. I was wondering about Howard being the one to call off wedding as well. since Bernadette asked him to sign the pre nup & he had to talk to Bernie's dad about that, we really haven't heard anything about it anymore..did he sign or not? Plus in the last episodes the wedding hardly came up with either the girls or the guys.
  12. It's different artwork on the US Amazon link Plus I have to agree with Netmouse, artwork style S1-3 is my favorite as well.
  13. I just have one thing to say about this all...If it ain't broken, don't fix it! If it weren't for the original people that liked the show, it wouldn't have gone past S1 imo. I don't get all the jokes the guys make all of the time, but I have a hard time believing "too much nerdiness" would scare off audiences..it would only mean it is a 1 of a kind sitcom out there... Not like sadly Netmouse stated above it's becoming mainstream tv....I rather have it would go back to how it was in the first 2 seasons.
  14. I would like to see this happening, it would be more in line of his character imho. If they changed his known non interest in the "love part of women", it would totally ruin the Sheldon we have come to know in these 5 seasons
  15. I don't know why anyone would get upset over this, when Raj screwing over Penny & Leonard gets a yawn and a pass from most people. Don't worry, Howard will "get his" next week. After Penny and now Mrs. Wallowitz, I think it's safe to say that Sheldon is a "Boob Man". Not a good omen for Amy. It's a shame how low this show has sunk. Being that I was one of the people thinking what happened at the end of S4 was a thing that would be unforgivable within a friendship, I would get upset by what happened in yesterdays episode....
  16. that definitely wasn't done indirectly. it was on purpose, just as Sheldon suspected. also, the last time he was on, he & Sheldon made amends. so who knows. yeah, good point! didn't they already address this in the Hot Troll episode-- when Howard was messing around with a troll online? ^^ If I remember correctly, they almost broke up because of that.... It will be interesting to see how this scenario is gonna play out...I would feel sorry for Howard. Curious to find out what Will's part in this episode is gonna be..still having 2nd thoughts about the sudden turn around of becoming Sheldon's friend ...
  17. I rated the episode as being good. Was good to see some Howard/ Sheldon scenes again, although I thought Howard went to far with having Sheldon wear the French maid costume...it was humiliating. Seeing that Sheldon would do about anything to get his paper handed to Hawking, doesn't mean one should do that to a friend. But then again my definition of friendship might be different I agreed with Bernadette about Sheldon not realizing that he is being mean towards people & loved the remark about that part of his brain getting a wedgie from the rest of his brain. The belt buckle thing was fun & I thought he was rightfully asking for a compliment about his work... The helping get Howard's mum clothes I thought was far fetched & also condescending..And contradicted the fact that Bernadette was lecturing Howard about treating Sheldon that way as she was the one that suggested it Sheldon's excitement solely on the realization that his paper was gonna be handed to Hawking was great acting on JP's part. Was fun to see him sprint from the kitchen to the couch Hahaha Also like the Penny/ Sheldon interaction in the laundry room & the fact that Penny stood up & told him the truth about him being a condescending jerk. Was great to hear that Stephen Hawking was able to que his own lines And that Howard gave the paper earlier was a good thing as that shows Howard didn't hold any real grudge against Sheldon, when it really counts
  18. That sounds great to be able to watch. Am wondering what the half hour behind the scenes will be & am HOPING someone will tape it & upload it to you tube or something... To those that can watch it, Have Fun!
  19. 100% agree with that, I am currently re watching Season 1 on dvd & haven't laughed as much with watching the first few episodes. One can clearly notice a change in the show from S 3 onward...sigh Yes I do miss the understated nerdiness as well...
  20. I hadn't even noticed that the US Amazon release date wasn't posted. I just put it in my shopping cart! (seems pricey, in my opinion). isn't it weird to see a picture of the DVD and be able to order it, when it's not even complete yet? I think they know when the season ending is, they go straight into mastering the dvd's so they are ready for the sale. Only on the artwork it says TBC. They usually have contracts with suppliers so I guess that is the reason we can already pre order it. Plus to generate sales they include this in the pre sale: Pre-order Price Guarantee: order now and if the Amazon.co.uk price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you'll be charged the lowest price.
  21. My stuff from CafePress arrived ( really fast ) Little bit disappointed with the size of the magnet, but it's ok
  22. I will be ordering mine through Amazon UK again as they are about 25€ cheaper opposed to in the stores in Holland, plus they are earlier with the distribution.
  23. Amazon UK has the Season 5 DVD listed as follows: Available for pre-order. This item will be released on 24 September 2012.
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