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  1. i can understand why you would dislike that episode it made the season end pretty bad BUT that's my opinion
  2. I Also Love: The Griffin Equivalency, The Adhesive Duck Deficiency, The Maternal Congruence, The Maternal Capacitance and The Hamburger Postulate.
  3. I Agree! The episode did grow on me through the end BUT the AIRED Pilot is 10x better and i`m very happy they went with it I love Penny Better I thought Katie was too Hooker like and really needed help
  4. The Einstein Approximation I believe it is
  5. What's Your All Time Favorite Episode of The Big Bang Theory or Maybe Just A Favorite Scene. Just Really Curious, One of Mine is Any Scene With Penny and Leonard Drinking But My Favorite Episode is The Barbarian Sublimation.
  6. I know but lately he has gotten really attractive girlfriends lol
  7. sheldon drinking scenes are classic!! he just keep spitting it back into the shotglass tooo funny and when penny slipped some rum into his diet coke lol
  8. I want more nerdy talk and more Penny and Leonard drinking scenes and Sheldon too of course
  9. http://coolspotters.com/tv-shows/the-big-bang-theory/and/clothing?id=12221&page=2 here are some hope it helps
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