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  1. true ! I remember my first times on facebook, so booooring haha ! just gotta wait and see
  2. I just started being on google +, I think it's quite nice for now, it's just a bit annoying that there isn't so many people on it :/
  3. hi guys ! Now summer's definitely here and I'm looking for some (good) series to start watching ; any ideas ? (say what it's about so I can get to see if I would like it or not ) thaaaaaanks :D
  4. Hahaha, nice one Simonsayz ! I'm thinking more of a overreaction from Leonard, like all of his jealousy talking instead of him, and then that would lead us to a "Penny&Leonard comeback"!
  5. Wow, two episodes in a row ? This makes it a little less harder to wait I guess ! or a little more harder :/
  6. I've definitely become a little geek
  7. good point ! well, maybe I really am too shy actually !
  8. Am I the only one to prefer it without pictures ? I mean, I'm a newbie on forums and all this stuff and the thing I really like is that you can talk to people you don't even know if they're male or female (unless you check their profile, which I don't often do cause I'm too lazy for that...). Well, maybe I'm just too shy!
  9. mmmh, I guess I prefer Simon to Johnny, sorry :/ but, well, there still are Penny's "boyfriends" from time to time for us girls !
  10. Wow is a love relationship killa. but that's only what I think about that *whistles*
  11. thanks ! I wish I could find'em in France too
  12. damn you guys... I'm a bit disappointed that there is no really good looking guys in the show, as far as looks is concerned. not that I'm expecting this from the show, but you know, you're talking about Penny's nipples, I wish I could talk about Howard's muscles ......
  13. hallo the German scientist ! ich brauche Deutsch sprechen ! Ich habe keine Schule mehr aber will nicht mein Deutsch verlieren, weil es ein sehr cooool Sprache ist, find'ich ! :D
  14. wooooow, there are fanfics about that ? need to read one !
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