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  1. Hi everyone! proud to be the member of this great community !! i am Mark from USA ,Ak,Anchorage,nice to meet you,hope to know more about you....... _________________________________ Runescape Gold|Chanel Handbags
  2. My personal favorites are: 1. Shaman King 2. Hikaru no Go 3. NANA 4. Bleach 5. Naruto 6. Samurai Champloo 7. Ouran High School Host Club 8. Oban (even if it maybe isn`t in anime category) 9. Full Moon wo Sagashite 10. Dragon Ball Z _________________________________ RS Gold|Cartier Trinity Ring|Buy Tera Gold
  3. mark520

    favorite movie?

    I watched Caroline the second times yesterday,I admire the film mostly because it is good to look at. Selick is as unconventional in his imagery as Gaiman is in his writing, and this is a movie for people who know and care about drawing, caricature, grotesquerie and the far shores of storytelling. In short, you might care little about a fantasy, little indeed about this story, and still admire the artistry of it all, including an insidious score by Bruno Coulais, which doesn't pound at us like many horror scores, but gets under our psychic fingernails.
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