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  1. At the moment it's just contractors, with clipboards and high visibility jackets, slowly erecting buildings.
  2. My vintage 1950's Omega Automatic dress watch - hand crafted Swiss movement, solid 18ct gold with Arabic numerals - belonged to my late grandfather - gave it to me shortly before he passed.
  3. Watching the Olympics when its NOT on is actually pretty dull to be fair ;-)
  4. I'm a total nerd, but am also pretty good at (and enjoy) almost all sports. Not sure why people assume you can't be nerdy AND be sporty. Not mutually exclusive you know ;-) Love skiing (piste, backcountry & freestyle) - spend 30+ days a year on the mountain Trampoline for 6 hours a week (primarily because its great training for freestyle skiing - but flying through the air doing crazy flips is great fun in itself) 45 minutes weight training every weekday followed by a 20 min swim. Play football (ie. proper football as opposed to American Football) once or twice a week. Enjoy social games of squash, badminton and tennis regularly. Surf or bodyboard when I can. Used to fence a lot at school and college (mostly Foil and Épée). I enjoy watching: football, cricket, Moto GP, World Cup Skiing, NBA Basketball, Boxing, MMA, The Freeskiing World Tour & Freestyle skiing comps (also end up addicted to a host of totally random sports whenever the Olympics are on. When I lived in the states I'd watch MLB too)
  5. You asked for TV shows that have featured 'real bands'... ...then mentioned Blink 182!!!!
  6. As a body of work, David Attenborough's natural history programmes are simply unparalleled. Life on Earth, Trials of Life, Life of Mammals, Life of Birds, Private Life of Plants, Blue Planet - the list goes on and on - simply phenomenal, groundbreaking, spellbinding, the best television ever made by a country mile IMO - Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM, CH, CVO, CBE, FRS, FZS, FSA - I salute you!
  7. North London (the NORTH bit is pretty important!)
  8. Amy - by the proverbial country mile!
  9. Nagarjuna

    Sheldon Facts

    Genuine Panama hats are made in Equador, not Panama.
  10. Almost as good as the Swedish guy arrested this week for building a homemade fission reactor in his kitchen and procuring uranium to fuel it! He phoned the police on Wednesday to check what he doing was legal - it wasn't - he was arrested forthwith. Brilliant! http://www.treehugger.com/files/2011/08/man-arrested-attempting-split-atom-kitchen.php Oh, just saw BazingaGirl got there first :-( Anyway - its a very Sheldonesque thing to do right?
  11. @ 4ofN... So we're agreed then - the statement "autotrophs began to drool" is wholly factually inaccurate even given the context. 'Things that drool' did indeed EVOLVE from autotrophs, but at no point in evolutionary history did autotrophs BEGIN drooling. They played fast and loose with the facts/wording to come up with catchy lines for a song. It bugs me because I'm a pedant. The fact that it bugs me, bugs you. Glad we got that straight! ps. don't get me started on the wall bit! The song is supposedly chronological, yet apparently, man built the wall before construction started on the Pyramids. Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt? 27th Century BC. Pirámide Mayor in Peru? Approx 3000 BC. Earliest incarnation of what is now known as the Great Wall? 5th century BC tops. pps. And yes, that bugs me too! I'm guessing the fact it bugs me will bug you too?
  12. Ooops, that nugget about Ashkenazi Jews was supposed to be posted in the "Sheldon Facts" thread - not sure how I ended up posting it here - sorry. I will get back to you with some thoughts on your post Smeghead - just not right now when I've got home from a night out a little pissed!
  13. Cooke was simply a titan of comedy - dictionary definition of a tortured genius. Such a shame we lost both him and Dudley before their time :-(
  14. A 1987 film recording of the legendary 1964 "One leg too few" sketch by Peter Cooke & Dudley Moore. Timeless sketch by one of the greatest comedy duos of all time... The Fawlty Towers scene where Basil loses it and gives his car a "damn good thrashing" :D Mrs. Richards and her hearing aid... And of course - "The Germans" - the "invaded Poland" line is arguably the most loved line in the history of British comedy... "Gerald the Gorilla" from Not the Nine O'Clock News - Mel Smith & Rowan Atkinson at their very best... Chris Morris' "War" sketch from The Day Today - such clever satire and hysterical to boot... The Red Dwarf "Red Alert" scene - here mostly due to two lines - the "changing the bulb" line and the "all known languages, including Welsh" line... Tough to pick a single scene from Life of Brian! "What have the Romans ever done for us", "European Swallow or African Swallow", "People Front of Judea" - the entire film is just classic comedy gold.
  15. Nagarjuna

    Sheldon Facts

    Dr. Jones' classroom at 12min 30sec into of Raiders of the Lost Ark & 13min 50sec into Last Crusade, is the actual classroom where a certain Dr. Brownelea taught me GCSE & A Level Chemistry. Pretty much all of the shots at his "university" were shot on location at the Mill Hill School in North London. Its always weird watching Indiana Jones films - one minute he's fighting lions and dodging Nazis in exotic locations - the next minute he's wandering around the halls and grounds of my old school down the road.
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