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  1. Nice tats @ Fubar & Peter! It may hurt a bit, but once you had your first ink, it becomes addictive. I already have 7...and planning more once I know which design Exactly, mine is probably getting "expanded" soon. With a ... how do you call that catholic bracelet with a small cross on it ? ... That is going around the big cross on my arm.
  2. If only ... I wish I could go there. But I don't see that happening, anytime soon.
  3. @ Peter. Indeed! ... very nice tattoo! I've got one aswell.
  4. Well, I'll post the most standard one then. Of course, we can't go without the awesome season endings of Friends. With the Finale of course to be the best.
  5. Have any of you ever tried Celestial Seasonings? That an american tea blend, in many flavours, especially the Lemon Zinger one. Awesome!
  6. Welcome! Funny fact. I watch the exact same things. BBT and House. That's it. I've tried The Event and that weird show with the earlier days of Superman... couldn't get into either of them.
  7. "OK, I'm sleepy now, get out!" :D awesome timing, good comedy! :D
  8. Well, me personaly its about Penny claiming that she shouldnt have let Leonard go, then do something THAT stupid. And the fact that its a thing between Raj and Leonard as FRIENDS, which you can't put on the same spot as a brother-sister relationship like theirs. Seeing they hardly saw eachother before she moved to America. Howard with Penny would have also ruined the show for me. Yeah, same for me. If they did want a shocky thing in there... why not just a kiss? That would've had a much much better effect in my opinion.
  9. Nah, they will. Absolutely, the problem is... They've signed a 3 year contract for the Show. So they use this bizar twist to stretch the "loving" between Penny and Leonard out. I've also seen some interviews with both Penny and Leonard on Youtube where they also say: "Well, I think they'll end up together, just not yet". Which basicly confirms what I think. Like the Joey and Rachel thing in Friends was used to give the show a couple of more seasons, so does this. Lets just hope they don't give Raj and serious time with Penny, that would really mess it up + exactly copy Friends.
  10. I was kind of disappointed that they didnt let Sheldon "look" (he's still a man, even though he claims he's too good for sexual experiences). Allthough, they did make him "grab" her, and didnt let go... so I think that's the same thing. So I loved that scene because finally I got the feeling that Sheldon is still human and not strange to any form of sexual excitement and/or victim of hormonal pressure :D
  11. For me, instand loving of Sheldon when he helped Penny put on clothes when her arm went out of the socket.
  12. Final episode of Friends Season 10. Awesome ending with everything in it "we" were hoping for. Children, passion/love, comedy and a lit bit of drama. Good stuff.
  13. I should be making dinner (for my lonely self :D), yet I'm replaying TBBT gag reel over and over
  14. Never heard of it. But energy drink... Yuck fubar + energy drink = catastrophy. Next: Bifi (sausage)
  15. Haha, classic! I answer to: "Fubar", "Neckus" & "Hopeless romantic dude"
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