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  1. The last ep of Monk was awesome and possibly the best ending to a show ever.
  2. Just to add my two cents into this... David T. is the greatest Doc from the new series, although Matt Smith has started to seriously carve out a niche for himself. As for eps to watch to get into the show. I agree with the person who said to watch the 1st one of this new series of Doctors. It's a good "never seen this before" ep. Other than that some of the best that have been done are..... Blink - Season 3 Ep 10 The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit (two parter) - Season 2 Eps 8 & 9 Stolen Earth and Journey's End (two parter) - Season 4 eps 12 & 13 The Eleventh Hour - Season 5 Ep 1 Those will give you a great feel for the show and imho are some of the best from all 5 seasons. Also to give you a good line from one of the eps that definitely gives a feel from the show .... Amy : and here I thought you were just a mad man with a box. Doctor: Amy listen very carefully because your life may depend on this one day. I am most definitely a mad man with a box!
  3. lol you just made me think of something...a way to get Missy back....she marries Will Wheaton!!
  4. I'd say Stuart because he's one of the most genuine characters on the show and Zack because his character is hilarious. I almost split my pancreas laughing at the bits he's been in. Great comedic actor.
  5. Slacon

    Sheldon's Bag

    you might want to look under military style bags. It seems that the bag he has is one of the retro style paratrooper packs they have out now. I've seen similar ones on Amazon for about 50 bucks. Hope this helps.
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