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  1. Hi guys, new forums are looking very nice! I need to get my avatar and sig reuploaded huh?! Anyways, i need some help, quick help! I have decided on a whim to dress up for this halloween, and go as Leonard from TBBT! But i am not going as just ordinary Leonard, i am going in the exact outfit he wears to the movie theater for the Planet Of The Apes marathon from Season 1 episode The Pancake Batter Anomaly! Now, the converse shows and brown jeans i already have, and the grey hoodie shouldnt be a problem, but i just want to confirm in that specific scene, he also seems to be wearing some sort of black fishing type vest over his hoodie isnt he? So i need advice on that. Secondly, i cannot seem to find exact matches to both his chemical molecular equation green tee shirt, nor the Planet Of The Apes chimp masks. I have found variations, like other chemical molecular equation tees, and chimp masks, but none are close enough or as good as whats in the episode. Even sheldonsshirts nor the offical clothing site even has a picture of the green tee. I was hoping numbers may aid me in my problems, and some on here may reveal something new! So just to clarify, i need: - black fishing/hunting vest - green chemical molecular tee shirt - Planet Of The Apes chimp mask I know i can get close to the items, but if thats the best i can do, then i am not going to dress up for Halloween then because of the money involved. I am off to Australia next month, and dropping £60-£80 on stuff that isnt quite right isnt really worth it. But guys, honestly any help from here is more than appreciated!
  2. Being Irish, i have followed Brendan OCarrolls work for a long time, and its sort of a shame he is only coming into the global spotlight now. Mrs Browns Boys has been going for years here in Ireland, but it was announced at the weekend that the third series for the BBC will be the last. But there is a movie coming out, so its not all bad news.
  3. Hand holding without latex gloves, a joke that was made just 1 year ago. Season 5 was the worst season for anyone who understood the values for which the show stood for in Seasons 1-2. They can take the show in any direction they like, hell they can have Sheldon naked and covered in green jello by the time season 7-8 comes around, its their call. But you dont need 2 brain cells to see the difference in each character and the entire show as a whole when compared to seasons 1-2. My opinion of course, but the show has gone downhill a lot more than people sometimes let themselves believe. The comedy has began to deplete big time simply because the situation that this whole world revolved around has been changed drastically in 3 years.
  4. 2-3-1-4-5. Worst season yet. But It seems to be the trait with sitcoms to mellow out midway through their existence, but come back with the last few seasons as good as what their first seasons were.
  5. I agree that the shiow has gone so far from its roots, its barely recognisable except for the actors and sets. I dont enjoy the show as much as id did say, 3 years ago. With that in mind, has there been any changes over the years to the writing team. I mean ahs someone left, or maybe more people brought in? I know Mark Cendrowski still directs, but it could be that there has been a change in writers thats caused the show to go on such a downward spiral?
  6. LOL LOL some people reaaaly take this show far too seriously. Again, it was a good episode, but things these days are a far cry from seasons 1 and 2. But still, the show has maintained its star cast and is still pulling ratings, so dont see the point in moaning about the finer details.
  7. lol this is my first visit since its all started and ive seen all 3 shows so far. I thought the first episode was just OK, but the second was hilarious, and this weeks as equally hilarious. If you rewatch them they get better, thats whats always been the beauty of the show for me. Its more funny when you watch it time after time again. Onwards and upwards for me! :D
  8. Was Gablehauser replaced by that new dude at the university?? I like Gablehauser in the first season, not only because i found him funny but also because it was Mark Harelik who played him. The reason i like him is because he was in the last ever episode of Cheers (and i like past sitcom tie ins)
  9. You gonna have to play outside!! Im not dressed to receive!!! lols
  10. If the material stays at the level of quality it has been, and the viewing figures sont dip too much... i can see it going to 10 seasons easy.
  11. Just got a new one 2 days ago. It was my 2nd. Dunno if i will get a 3rd.... maybe someday....
  12. Play.com has the 1-4 DVD box set for £30. Pretty good value there.
  13. But he was an ass to Penny in Season 2 - The Griffin Equivilency. That what annoys me even more about Season 4 finale. Both how he has been an ass to Penny whilst drunk before, and also how repulsed she was by his "suck face" comment. It contradicts itself.
  14. A LOT more of favourite side characters - Zak, Kripkie, all of the guys mothers, oh and Wyatt - he seemed funny in his own way The dropping of the Raj/Penny incident ASAP More emphasis placed on vintage video games both the Golden and the silver era. An expo episode (doesnt have to be CC, could be E3 or something like that) Some more contemporary references to technology and games, ie google chrome and google+ are ripe for haing the piss taken outta them but one, and defended by another. More of Penny and Leonard getting drunk together. Those scenes always ruled. A less dramatic season finale, but one which is good enough to be called a finale.
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