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  1. Yorika

    favorite movie?

    i like to think iRobot is a prequel to the matrix, its pretty similar to "The Second Renaissance" from the animatrix. its been a while since ive seen it so i could b wrong
  2. Yorika

    favorite movie?

    Best Comedy : Step brothers. Sex Drive Best Comic Book Films: Mystery men. Watchmen. Batman Begins. Sin City. Dick Tracey Best Nicolas Cage film: Vampire's Kiss. Best Arni film : Total Recall Best Al pacino: Devils Advocate Best Deep thought film: Fight Club Best Anime: Ninja Scroll Best Sci Fi: Spaceballs!
  3. Dc should def make a one shot of the big bang characters. but a real surreal one. were they have powers n save the day! and costumes ofcourse. it would sell out in a sec! sheldon as a professor x type character, leader and mind powers penny as a wonder woman type, strong and fearless really stuck on the other three though not sure which character type they best suit
  4. Yorika

    DC Reboot Episode

    just went out and brought that very comic! power girl #4!
  5. DCnU(or brand new day, for marvel fans) style reboot. season 4 never happend, or it did but priya amy and bernadette weren't in it and the last episode never happend! Like a dream or a alternate universe? I, being a die hard dvd blue ray t shirt buying fan hate that such a great show is going down the sell out road for ratings. Bring it back to season 1 2 and 3. More old school game references, more comic book references, more sci fi references.and please get rid of amy, priya and bernadette. Season 5 can be a great season if and only if the last episode is completly ignored or its just a dream, or alternate universe
  6. Yorika

    DC Reboot Episode

    hey this might be relavent but the big bang guys have actually been in a DC comic, its a power girl one, not sure which 1 though...
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