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  1. Yeah, it's me. :D I'm glad to be back!
  2. This. I feel like the show is becoming more of a ''lifestyle'' sitcom. I miss the olden days.
  3. I really liked. I vote ''very good''. Does anyone else think that show is losing its ''nerdness' with every season? It's becoming a soap opera IMO. D: I want MORE GEEKY STUFF!
  4. Season 5 disappointed me, it's more of a soap opera than geeky show it used to be.
  5. Comes out of the closet? lol I thought about coming out of the house or something! We knew that he was gay...
  6. I hope for online video too! I can't find it either.
  7. I've never really cared about her surname.
  8. Alien94


    Pics or it never happened :D
  9. Alien94

    More Zack!!

    Zack is cool,super hero show was awesome!
  10. Alien94

    Mrs Wolowitz

    Thanks! I knew it,i knew i had heard her before!
  11. Gay means happy,i am happy,does that make me gay? O.o I hate philosophy.
  12. IDK,Homosexual sounds more Sheldonly
  13. It is fun! It needs more buzzing though.
  14. Who the hell is that guy? O___o
  15. He's not gay,he's homosexual.
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