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  1. Believe me, that will only get worse She saw my book ''The Last Wish'' and thinks it's a religious book. She thinks i joined a cult -.- i'm not even religious,and why would i be joining a cult? She thinks that a wolf is a pentagram and won't open the book and see for herself!
  2. Quch joH'a''e' HoSwIj ghopDu'wIj ghojmoH veSvaD nItlhDu'wIj 'ej ghojmoH SuvvaD majwIj je waw'wIj waw' 'a' wIj je toDwIwIj yoDwIj 'ej vIvoqbogh mutpu'wIj bIng jIH jey which means: Blessed be the Lord of my strength, which teaches my hands to war, and my hands to fight: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.
  3. Nah,too much thinking these days! My mom's making me wanna kill myself!
  4. That's my brother -.- Just kidding! Why would i have an ugly bro?
  5. I don't know what the hell i'm talking about
  6. 2 years ago one local network played the 1st season and then they stopped. I watch it on CBS,i don't know about others because i have both satellite TV and cable.
  7. Lord's prayer in Klingon vavma', Qun qo'Daq SoHtaHbogh quvjaj ponglIj ghoSjaj wo'lIj 'ej bIQapqangchu'jaj qo'majDaq 'e' rapjaj Qunqo'Daq jaj Soj ghonob 'ej QuvHa'ghachmeyvo' manobchuqHa' 'e' rapjaj QuvHa'ghachmeymajvo' ghonobHa'ghach tlhu'ghachDaq ghoDevQo' 'ach mIghvo' ghotoD Hail Mary pIvan, batlh bIrojchu'bogh marya, Dutlhej joH'a'. SoH bI'IghHa' law', be'pu' 'IghHa' puS, 'IghHa' je yeSuS lIngta'lu'bogh chorlIjvo'. marya, yemHa'wI', joH'a' SoS, DaH maHeghbogh repDaq je yemwI'pu'vaD ghomun.
  8. Nooooo! My 3rd loss in the same thread! Stop it,you are making me cry
  9. So i may be right!! In your face! If she's only doing it in the flashback it doesn't have to mean that she is voiced by her all the time! Even Simon Helberg can make her voice!
  10. What did i do in the hard way,because you are telling me to go easy,how can i go easy if i am not going harder than easy? o.O
  11. *reads a prayer in Klingon to consecrate the place*
  12. it took me ages to post the pic! I'm using my phone to write this i'm on a train to Belgrade,i have to visit my sister -.- i'm alone and bored
  13. We have a saying here:''Where do you think you are going with a nail in your head?'' It means:''You're f*cked!'' o_O
  14. You're probably right! I lose again.
  15. She isn't played by her she is voiced by her Live long and prosper! Dif tor heh smusma! ♥ Your signature
  16. Ok can u check it and see if it was his mom i don't wanna argue
  17. Ah...there are pics of Howard and other are of a couple,some of them are black and white some aren't they ARE the pics of his mom and dad. I think his dad died BTW why would they keep pics of little Howard and his grandparents?
  18. Season 4 Episode 23(The engagement reaction) 5:02 Howard is talking ti his mom and she is in the toilet but behind Howard's back there is a wall with photos of his mom and dad! So...i saw his mom! [link removed] just skip to the time i posted and ya'll see!
  19. I watched it all and can't get more! My [site removed] reply button is damaged because i watched the show 321786312783 times!
  20. Alien94

    The song

    Isn't this the full ver?
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