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  1. On me too Her voice is disturbing *cough*
  2. Amy is funny sometimes,but Bernadette is attractive in some way! Weird,she's isn't hot at all but she is,in some way,lol i'm messed up!
  3. We have a saying here:''Where do you think you are going with a nail in your head?'' It means:''You're f*cked!''
  4. Don't dump her,KILL her! Leave her in New Delhi suburbs and the Prowns will eat her!
  5. Who cares? He's only got the master's degree anyway.
  6. The meaning of my life is to inflict pain on Priya! NOT racist BTW
  7. Yeah,you are right. I once believed the false news web site.
  8. The show is fine as it is,they just need to kick out Priya and everything will be OK! I wanna see Sheldon and Penny in a relationship xP
  9. lol 5 year old blonde boy That would turn the show into another ''MTV''ish series for freaky girls and ''Jonas Brothers'' lovers
  10. Alien94

    The song

    You can always check it on youtube or convert the video into Mp3.
  11. I remember Raj's dream about his and Howard's mansions. There was a secret tunnel from Raj's frontyard to Howard's backyard
  12. They kissed lol it's a start
  13. Amy=the most boring girl character! Penny=cool Priya= looks hot sometimes but i hate her a bit
  14. It really is fun to say coitus right? I never danced and i am in season 17 right now (i'm 17 years old)
  15. When i am lazy to find my DVDs i am two clicks away!
  16. Alien94

    The song

    AH! I thought you got beaten by someone while listening to the band. lol
  17. I wanna see Sheldon have sex! Was that creepy?
  18. lol Guess how I came up with that one? How? It was when I was rewatching the ep where Howard calls Sheldon a giant dictator, then he says something about adding the tator. Kinda borrowed it from there lol. lol i'm rewatcing the 3rd season these days. http://watchseries.eu/serie/big_bang_theory Maybe you'll like the site maybe ya won't but i must share this link
  19. Alien94

    The song

    You got beaten? Why?
  20. I expect season 5 to be more like season 1 and 2. Oh,they were the best!
  21. Alien94

    The song

    Thank you very much!
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