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  1. Haha,my old signature XP I'll bring it back!
  2. Cool,i like the one above me.
  3. Nimoy would be awesome! Maybe Shelly will make a clone out his DNA
  4. lol She`s engaged! I wanna see the wedding film!
  5. Alien94

    all uk fans

    Very Clever! Why record when you can download? lol
  6. Alien94

    all uk fans

    Yup,i posted that link a looong time ago (2327867 times) and it got removed...better do it yourself man... :D
  7. I can't I'm not admin or somethin
  8. This thread already exists http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/thread-1500.html
  9. Yeah,i actually had one,but it flew away because i didn't feed her.
  10. When he said phoenix he meant ''phoenix'' an awesome ninja art Katon:Housenka no jutsu=Fire Element • Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique In japanese
  11. -.- it was a joke omg xDDD I know that like since i was born Wait....you just made a joke right? You know that i know it? I'm bad at those things O.o
  12. I don't like pyjamas....
  13. (-.(-.(-.(-.(-.-).-).-).-).-) Japanese mafia LOL
  14. Nothing can beat a katana. period.
  15. LOL that's the reason i'm creating a perfect partner in my lab MWAHAHAHAHAH
  16. Did you know that the Sun is a star!! I know! OMG RIGHT!?
  17. Yes :D, although apparently Sheldon has been mispronouncing it: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/coitus [koh-i-tuhs] It's hard for native English speakers to pronounce Latin words because it's a phonetic language,for me it's super easy because it's read exactly like my native language(Traditional). He is pretty close but not 100% correct
  18. Yeah,Sheldon is asexual. He had sex in the unaired pilot though.
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