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  1. Yup,he does! But it's combined with his other characteristics so he's got even worse problem.
  2. My opinion is that she's ugly -.- (but cool)
  3. I usually let my player search for subs online and download them automatically...just pick the language( i think you can do that)
  4. *makes a sound of meteor crushing* (Imagine my face )
  5. It can be about Chuck Norris,Sheldon's gonna have more fans anyway...
  6. Alien94


    It's selective mutism.
  7. Good,good! *laughs like Palpatine*
  8. Don't get upset over Priya,i've already told her about my powers,she won't be a problem anymore.
  9. Me:''Mangekyou Sharingan...Amaterasu!'' Priya:*Dies in pain as the black flame burns her skin* Me:''Mwahahahahahaha....MWAHAHAHAHA *cough* *cough* Mwahahaha...''
  10. I've seen 2 episodes and i am a bit disappointed
  11. Alien94


    She'll go with anyone.
  12. Alien94


    If i had to chose i'd say...Wheaton,go to hell! He appeared in 2 episodes so i can live without him.
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