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  1. I came,i saw,i ran away! http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/thread-1640.html
  2. Alien94


    Sheldon is against every kind of relationship,he's too evolved for that and he got rid of his primitive urges lol
  3. Netmouse already found it :D It's a huge FAIL! Lyrics are funny...for them,i can understand Russian it's very similar to my language and i learn it in school,but still fail (I know that the show is Belarusian but it's the same thing)
  4. I'd like to be friends with him :O He seems like a cool guy
  5. Bernadette is for movies,dinners etc. and Penny is for ''other'' stuff....
  6. Alien94

    Episode Idea

    Star Trek idea is better!
  7. I like their Kolovrat wheel (Slavic swastika)in their hall near the bedrooms, i have it in my house too so it's really cool! It represents Sun and pagan priests used it for ceremonies.
  8. I've been taking them for the past 10 years
  9. I can't get rid of my iron pills! It sucks! They mess you up in no time.
  10. You can use internet to teleport yourself these days!
  11. It's all good if you are not hearing voices in ya head,like: ''kill theeem....no peace!.....'' Then,it's something wrong!
  12. ''The guys playing Sheldon and Leonard were quite convincing too... from the waist up that is >< lolz'' LOL
  13. I didn't but i hope he will show up! He's Sheldon's nemesis for **** sake!
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