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  1. I can't watch TV anymore! It's absurd,people can now watch it all using the internet :O TV lost it's charm!
  2. Some people here think that ''ftw'' means **** the Wales -.-
  3. I did the same thing! Like ya said:Great minds think alike
  4. Geeky Geeky Geeky comments! I LOVE them!
  5. Asperger's and OCD rule! I don't wanna cure it,it's norma! You are white or black,you like vanilla or choco,you like cars or bikes,you have OCD or you don't.... Every 50th man has it in USA
  6. Pitstop? wtf? Like a racing car pitstop?
  7. Yeah,almost every show has Xmas and Halloween special,it's getting a bit old!
  8. I hope they didn't find look-a-likes for actors! Did they?
  9. Asperger's syndrome? Doctors never said i had one but i don't like crowds and socializing very much,i'm not creepy but people make me nervous sometimes.
  10. Indeed! They all care about ''Glee''! Come on!
  11. Yay! I checked it out now! It's just after the intro song ''Yeah cut the foreigner in half,there's million more where he came from!''
  12. I couldn't live next to a messy garage But! No need for fear,OCD dudes are here!
  13. Damn! I am following Wheaton too -.- I know i said i wouldn't but it was stronger than me! Like Sheldon would say:''WHEATOOOOOOOOOOON!''
  14. Interesting theory Mousedrop! I thought it was called ''The Big Bang Theory'' because they are geeks and physicists.
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