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  1. She's cool anyway. She's probably like Kyle Broflowski's mom.
  2. Do you wonder how she looks? I bet she'd be a cool character if she showed up!
  3. Alien94

    favorite movie?

    Star Wars. Back to the future. Indiana Jones. Contact iRobot ....
  4. Vader is Sauron's father!
  5. Wolverine of course! He's got the best super powers in the world!
  6. Who isn't addicted to video games?
  7. It is a bit overrated...i never thought about that!
  8. I don't care... Frankly,i don't care about anything that happens,unless it's something about something that i like.
  9. I like them both but Star Wars is my ''first love'' so i vote for Star Wars! Which one do you like more and why? May the force be with you.
  10. I want to buy something cool and unusual but i don't know what. Maybe you can tell about something that i have never heard of?. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hm...i've never heard of it.
  12. I sold them,all of them excluding my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tapes.
  13. I like it only because it's Star Wars! If it is Star Wars-I LIKE IT!
  14. I don't have and i don't want any. I personally think that tattoos are primitive and that i can express myself with something else.
  15. I see that a lot of you play the Fallout games and i must admit that i like them too. I mostly play RPGs and WW2 games. Elder Scrolls still kicks ass.
  16. Hello everybody! Greetings from Serbia,i hope i will have a good time here!
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