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  1. You should ask Netmouse,he's the google moogle
  2. Hm! Now you've given me something to think about when i go to sleep! Thanks! Maybe there are 8 floors,the lack of traffic problem...why would the producers put some random dudes in the show?
  3. I liked their semi-gay jokes and scenes,but who cares,Wolowitz is more of a Zac Efron kind of guy
  4. I think OCD happens all the time,some say even when you are sleeping! I studied OCD for a long time,to be precise since i found out i had one so i think i could get a PhD in OCD Like the name says ''Obsessive'' it means you can't stop thinking about it,so i guess your problem isn't OCD(maybe a weak form). I just hate it when i'm on my computer and i spend more time positioning the speakers to be at the exactly same distance from monitor than actually playing video games!
  5. Epic episode! I didn't know it was the closet. I felt sorry when i saw Sheldon's face after he lost the bet to Howard!
  6. Yeah,it's backstage probably.
  7. Maybe you should rename the thread to ''You will all like it'' It's cool
  8. lol Every time i walk down the street i always make two/three steps between two lines(it depends on the city,street etc.) ,if i don't make it i jump I also count trees,dogs,cats etc. and it makes me rage! I went to see a doc but he said that i need medications to cure it so i said no thanks.
  9. Is it a bird,is it a plane? No it's a google moogle!
  10. OMG! I live in such a stupid country! They can't ship it here! -.-
  11. I think that's OCD too man....
  12. Thanks man! You are a google moogle !!
  13. It's cool sometimes! My mom was taking me to doctors all the time,but it doesn't help! I wanna get rid of it! I have a OCD shape and symmetry disorder so i am not creepy(i don't make sudden strange moves) lol
  14. Just as i thought....eBay
  15. That's what i'm talking about. That sucks, man. Nothing quite like hearing F@#k from one side of the room and then heh, heh, heh from the other. Haha! That's probably epic,too bad i can't experience it
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1zHPxcAsFY
  17. They are late but it shows up! Here,it never shows up -.- so i have to search the internet or download illegal stuff
  18. Where can i buy Star Wars sheets with Darth Vader,similar to those that Sheldon had in this episode?
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