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  1. Arr....i've never paid attention to this before lol. I don't care who wrote the episode,it's funny anyway.
  2. My friends think they are too cool for LAN parties -.-
  3. Wolowitz became a bit boring in season 4,but Sheldon is always,well,Sheldon!
  4. This? There is already a similar thread I don`t know where you can buy it,maybe some online shops i don`t know...
  5. I think about all of them,Sheldon is the most popular character but i think that the producers put Leonard in front.
  6. I don't want it,you sound like you want one for ''practice''
  7. Like Spock would say:''Fascinating!''
  8. If you had a chance to be in the show would you?
  9. I'd like to see a ''after 50 years scene'' Sheldon an old cyborg geek still doing it his way,Howard becomes a Jewish teacher,Raj discovered a planet -became rich,Penny a world famous actress etc.
  10. I would go mute if i woke up next to Penny lol
  11. It's easy for me because i am a carbon based creature of pure logic and intellect
  12. Alien94

    The song

    Ar,no i din't...
  13. It would be weird to ask my mom for a singing kitty toy so i'll have to find another way of getting one.
  14. ''Ay'll bee baaak'' *In hard Austrian accent with a Cro-Magnon face*
  15. I'm not a ''boobs guy'' i pay attention to other aspects,if you know what i mean.
  16. Hahaha! Thank you,man,for making me laugh this hard!
  17. I don't like Schwarzenegger
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