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  1. Nothing is cruel when you are batman! *harsh voice*``I`M BATMAN!``
  2. I heard that she`s a geek in real life! So that`s the reason she plays a stupid character!
  3. Alien94

    The song

    Not bad! Did you make it?
  4. They are small dude! Even her boyfriend Kurt has bigger boobs!
  5. Nooooooo. I have a better idea! We tie the kid with a rope and force his eyes open,then we lay him down so he has to look at the sun until his eyes burn! Buahahahah! That's too far!
  6. I think i would go mute if i saw her on anyone else from the show. they're so cool!
  7. What the hell? **** it! /Lay the brick down TA DA!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnQCMbeEzY4
  9. The link is visible,i can see it.
  10. I say we leave that for the future generations to decide!
  11. @netmouse TBC and classic wow are the best,amen to that. It's not in the show but i must mention call of duty!
  12. Singleplayer Halo sucks,you need more buddies to make it fun.
  13. Sheldon did find a way to be immortal!
  14. Alien94

    The song

    lol Ask Tripper like we did,but i don't think that ''Nipple inspector'' is allowed xP
  15. Yeah Mirror's Edge isn't bad,also i play WOW and Halo(Halo 2 is the only one on pc so i can't play Halo reach)
  16. We do live together Not you too! It's a fantasy book! Do you know the game Witcher? Well it's made after this book so it's NOT a satanic book my mom is really messed up in the head
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