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  1. I am with you there Matt IT Crowd, finished after 4 Series AND they will have an hour long Xmas special to wrap it all up Black Adder Fawlty Towers Extras The Office (UK) and the latter shows exactly what happens in UK and American TV The British UK will become an all time classic TV Series, while the U.S. Office was grasping at straws by season 4 I tend to like than dislike U.S. TV shows by the 4th season anyway...with the Big Bang Theory is was more due to the 4th season finale but it was still getting a bit stale in the middle I would love a network exec that says...we
  2. Everyone except Simon Hedberg was a one joke character tonight But he really sold it despite having the most uncreative diatribe "Made me a better man" I did laugh once this episode, I believe that is the 2nd laugh since season 4. A dog's hindquarters and the sun come into play. On a site note, I am amazed that it took until page 20 (don't know skipped alot of pages) to actually talk about the episode itself...
  3. The workings of the open mind are a beautiful thing. Please cite a study that states sitcom viewers are smarter than average. I would view a study from the entertainment industry about how they target their viewers with the same suspicion with which I would view a study about the health risks of cigarette smoking paid for by the smoking industry. Facts have been stated. Sources given. They have been ignored. http://www.ugo.com/tv/11-reasons-geeks-hate-the-big-bang-theory http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ViewersAreMorons As far as the Onion article, I will use a She
  4. Please stop..the cliche of attacking the person and not the point is as old to the internet as evolution. I will do what I want, say what I want about whatever I want. That is my inalienable right...it is also your right to pay me no mind, or we can have a tete et tete ad naseum. Friends was a dredge of a show using outdated comedic cliches an dteh 80's standup comedian "Know what's funny about guys/gals?" The statistics about overweight middle aged women being the main TV demographic is statistical fact by Neilsen It's not just that, it's a low and dastardly plot by the stupi
  5. Ok think about the show Lacking creativity, milking cheap laughs for money Leonard will awkwardly propose and Penny will accept after running away at first
  6. Not immensely horrible but nothing to write home about
  7. a stereotypical internet forum misdirection to 'lighten up' when you cannot refute facts WITH facts. This show has hit the crapper and if you expect all of us to deal with it and not express our opinions that shows what your mentality is of differing viewpoints. The "Shout it down until "I" am comfortable" facism
  8. So why don't you write to the creators of the show and ask them to mention science or nerd stuff more often. Science was never the focus of the show, but it was always an important element of the story. Here's a suggestion - if having that element made more prominent is important to you, then do something about it, instead of insulting the rest of the viewers (this is aimed equally at you and @Disgusted). So axiomatically incorrect I don't know where to start but "science and nerd stuff?" Oh how far you've fallen in the demo pool BBT Incorrect, the 'cult classics' ha
  9. hehehe...hey i replied to your PM, sorry it took me so long
  10. Horrible Thank goodness a show like Community can hold on to its slot to compete with the slop this show has become. It's clear David Goetsch, Lee Aronshon and Richard Rosenstock were the good writers, although the episodes that were average this season had Erick Kaplan on the teleplay. Maria Ferreri and Jim Reynolds need to go away I also see that this site has become 80% women, while the 'other' board is 99% women showing exactly what they wanted to do with this cash cow...start off truly geeky, get the internet a buzz, keep on saying geek is the new sexy and pull in the golden
  11. really I thought it was Setllers of Caan they might be playing
  12. Imapotato


    Ummm, you could try sleeping with the producer, or one of the male leads, I hear that helps open the door. OUCH!
  13. I read it because I wondered if I should waste my time 3 lesbian jokes at Penny 3 boner jokes not a laugh in the whole thing
  14. Most of the shows I watch are done for me after season 5...so BBT is no different. American shows have too many episodes and not a lot creativity. They rehash writers. I love BBC shows, as they know when to quit. Even the IT Crowd, now in its 5th Series (6 episodes each) is still funny Only show that broke that mold for me MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 A show that had the timing right on all parts, that HBO knew Josh Hodgson, that Comedy Central was starting up and thought a 2 hour show would be great filler...and it turned out to be one of the best shows that ever graced TV If you don'
  15. You know, I cannot recall a single episode...not good
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