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  1. I find it a lot better that way, she used to look kind of slutty. That + the amount of people she slept with made her an actual slut. I liked the fact that she calmed down. She's more likeable now, in my opinion.
  2. I will go back to the kitchen and make my boyfriend a sandwich.
  3. I agree that Leonard has quite an active love life. At least a lot more active than the writers seem to admit. So yes, it doesn't make much sense.
  4. I vote for Stuart and Alice =D
  5. But you surely agree that the Sheldon from the unaired pilot was a completely different character.
  6. That's because Sheldon doesn't masturbate. It's a lot of "unnecessary touching". Our Sheldon doesn't have any kind of sexuality, and I think the character's better that way. [sheldon photobomb â–º http://yfrog.com/z/hs9ufvbj ]
  7. I'm totally digging the 'stache. Seriously, that guy is hot, in quite an uncommon way, I'll give you that. TV star or not.
  8. Is it weird if I think Sheldon looks really hot with a mustache? Imagine him with a suit and a bow tie ♥
  9. Kaley is clearly everything but worthy of an academy award. I mean, she's absolutely amazing as long as she sticks with comedy, but I doubt she can do anything else. So I agree with your first point... I don't really know about the others, that never bothered me. And yeah, the screaming-down-the-stairs scene was a bit too much.
  10. This is a FAN forum. There shouldn't be so much negativity around the show on a fan forum. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. That works for everyone here, but especially you.
  11. Netmouse said it all. See you soon!
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