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  1. I find it a lot better that way, she used to look kind of slutty. That + the amount of people she slept with made her an actual slut. I liked the fact that she calmed down. She's more likeable now, in my opinion.
  2. I will go back to the kitchen and make my boyfriend a sandwich.
  3. I agree that Leonard has quite an active love life. At least a lot more active than the writers seem to admit. So yes, it doesn't make much sense.
  4. I vote for Stuart and Alice =D
  5. But you surely agree that the Sheldon from the unaired pilot was a completely different character.
  6. That's because Sheldon doesn't masturbate. It's a lot of "unnecessary touching". Our Sheldon doesn't have any kind of sexuality, and I think the character's better that way. [sheldon photobomb â–º http://yfrog.com/z/hs9ufvbj ]
  7. I'm totally digging the 'stache. Seriously, that guy is hot, in quite an uncommon way, I'll give you that. TV star or not.
  8. Is it weird if I think Sheldon looks really hot with a mustache? Imagine him with a suit and a bow tie ♥
  9. Kaley is clearly everything but worthy of an academy award. I mean, she's absolutely amazing as long as she sticks with comedy, but I doubt she can do anything else. So I agree with your first point... I don't really know about the others, that never bothered me. And yeah, the screaming-down-the-stairs scene was a bit too much.
  10. This is a FAN forum. There shouldn't be so much negativity around the show on a fan forum. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. That works for everyone here, but especially you.
  11. Netmouse said it all. See you soon!
  12. It's good that they didn't actually have sex. I mean, they wanted to, so it's still pretty bad, but not as much as if they did.
  13. I know this is not the subject but in this video she looks like she has put a lot of weight on... But at the Emmys, she looked fine. It's weird. Maybe it's just me.
  14. Wilde

    Unaired pilot

    I think the actress who played Gilda was really terrible, so it completely ruined the character for me. Anyway, I thought she was way too stereotypical.
  15. Wilde

    Unaired pilot

    That's because she's a slut. A very skinny slut.
  16. It's not about liking them or not. Emmy awards are given according to the quality of the performance given: Johnny's performance doesn't deserve one, compared to what other actors do. I'm not saying that he's not talented, or that they don't work well together, just that Leonard's character doesn't give him the opportunity to show the full extent of his skills.
  17. Johnny doesn't really deserve one, to be honest. His work as an actor is pretty average on the show (but Leonard is pretty average himself). Jim is very talented, and he has the luck to have a very complex character that allows him to demonstrate his skills.
  18. Meh, I've had worst offers. But that's because I'm a girl, so I guess I just have to deal with it.
  19. It's okay, I wasn't referring to you
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