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  1. “We don’t know what really happened that night,†Cuoco says of Penny's drunken exchange with Raj. “I know [Penny and Raj] woke up together but nobody knows [what really happened]. Deep down, [Penny and Leonard] have such heartfelt feelings for each other that she probably knows this is not good.†http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-love-triangles-224605
  2. Carol Ann Susi isn't just a voice actress. If Howard's mom ever appears on screen, she'll have the role. This kind of never-seen character exists in some other TV series and they've never been revealed (sometimes you could see the back of their heads, but that's it). (Your signature's a lot better.)
  3. That just can't be her Besides, she's played by Carol Ann Susi and that doesn't look like her (I love your new avatar! ♥ )
  4. I agree. But saying that it must be his grandparents because of the clothes and quality sounds like a poor argument to me: I think Mrs Wolowitz is typically the kind of character that would wear clothes that look like they're from the 40s/50s and the video quality and lens focus make that background blurry. But why would they show her in some photographs on a wall while they've been hiding her since the very first episode? That doesn't make any sense, so I definitely don't think it's her. Thanks for sharing though, I hadn't noticed all those cute pictures of little Howie :D
  5. Thank you, I wish everybody shared your opinion Aw, that's sweet Usually, people just call me a geek. I know, right ? Too bad it's over. I cried when I saw the last episode =/
  6. Aww, thanks! ♥ I told you I was definitely adding this to my vocabulary.
  7. Hello there, I thought I should probably write something here as long as I can still be considered new on the forums (I've been there for a week, that's not too late, is it?). So, there's nothing much to say about me, really... I'm 18 and I live in London, but I'm not really a Londoner yet, since I just moved here. I'm wasting an IQ of 150 on acting. Yes, I'm an actress. No, I don't work at the Cheesecake Factory (mostly because that doesn't exist in England). Most people find my career choice a little pathetic and quite naive, which is sort of ironic since they spend their time watching actors on the telly and sometimes even discussing these actors' work on the internet... Also, I'm fluent in French and conversational in German, in love with Literature and History (especially the Tudor period and Egyptology). I paint a lot and I'm very interested in all forms of plastic arts. But most important fact of all: I can order a beer in Irish! I've read the LOTR Trilogy at least a hundred times and seen every Star Wars movie at least 15 times each (yes, even The Phantom Menace). Oh, and my favourite TV series isn't The Big Bang Theory but Scrubs. And of course, I play WoW. That's basically it. Thanks for reading, you really didn't have to. ♥
  8. Yeah, I wasn't expecting anything great, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really good movie! Two problems, though: - The "train scene" is impressive but sadly exaggerated. - The last 10 minutes didn't make any sense AT ALL. They almost ruined the whole movie in my opinion. It's just so cliché, it happens so quickly and for no reason. The confrontation and mystery you're waiting for during the whole movie never comes. So: the overall movie is great, the end is way too "WTF"-ish.
  9. I want Amy to die (in a lab explosion or something like that... or anything). I really hate her. The actress. The character. Her scenes. Everything. She's just so wrong and annoying! She doesn't belong there. (or anywhere else)
  10. I LOVE HER. She really brings something to the show, unlike Amy (she's the one who should go). I agree with you guys when you say that "she is a catalyst to make Leonard and Penny realise that they are meant for each other". These two are the Ross and Rachel of this show and she's their Emily. And I think their couple will end the exact same way: Priya will leave Leonard because he just won't stop seing Penny. Priya has already shown she can be jealous (and she has very good reasons to be like that!). Penny and Leonard will end up together no matter what.
  11. Mine's a locket. I wouldn't exchange it for the world. Once, I thought I had lost it and I cried for hours. I'm realizing now how silly this is, but it really means a lot to me.
  12. I absolutely LOVE that adjective. I'm going to add this to my vocabulary.
  13. The producers said it may be revealed in season 5.
  14. Well, I wish they didn't. What a HUGE mistake from the writers to make these two have sex together !
  15. Central LONDON (if you consider the central bit is important)
  16. I know, but it wasn't mentionned at all in the following episodes, so I don't think they're going to pick it up again. Another thing: Mrs Cooper said her other children were completely dumb, but Shedon's sister seemed pretty smart. Also, in the very first episode, when Sheldon and Leonard are at the high IQ sperm bank, Sheldon says "I don't think I can do this." and Leonard answers "Oh come on, you're almost a pro!". But in all following episodes, Sheldon has no kind of sexuality at all, not even that kind: he's asexual.
  17. I don't think anyone's ever put it like this. I like this. Really? It seemed so obvious to me !
  18. I'm not going to see this movie anytime soon. Come on, the beginning and the middle of the plot are in the trailer, and EVERYBODY knows the end, since it's a prequel. It's just ruined for me.
  19. Raj was attracted to Bernadette, but all of a sudden, he's not anymore. And of course, nobody knows why.
  20. I was referring to the first post, sorry. Wheaton.
  21. Amy is annoying as hell. Both the character and the actress (who tries too hard to imitate some kind of robot - FAIL). She's a pain, really.
  22. Seriously, I used to like that guy. And I could have liked him even more since he landed a recurrent role in the show. But now I hate him for being such a douche to Sheldon. I know that's stupid. x) EDIT : Wheaton, see first message.
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