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  1. liked this one. going back to when it was funny. Nearly none Amy and Bernadette, and the guys playing a game with Sheldon acting like he did(doesn't understand how other players think). I hope they will go on with this, and we get a season 1-3 like thing. ps. Who also thougt that this could be a simple start of writing bernadette out. they started with the baby thing, I am gone when we break up. I only would like it more if Amy must go instead of Bernadette [edit] i'm glad they were only 2 mins in the episode, and amy, bernadetty probabely also, have no live.
  2. I have to say, towards the best of the season. Not like s1-3, but better. The Penny and Sheldon in the jewerly was just like me when I was young, and I went to the shop with my 'big' sister to buy presents for christmas. You don't know what a women wants. But since Amy is (just like Sheldon) sometimes (emotionally) a kid, this makes her happy. Reminds me of the trains with Sheldon. And so they are finally making a understanding person for Sheldon, as long as they keep him a social problem.
  3. agreed let them eat withc just 5 and I'm (a little) satisfacted. In the early seasons i could remember an episode for a week, now i have to watch back every comment made.
  4. I only hope they won't put penny in the "dumb" person she was. She became smarter don't let her fall back.
  5. I have to say, that I like the show more and more during this season. The worst part of the show was round season 4 begin season 5, end it is getting better every episode (except a few depth points). I mostly agree with 4ofN his signature. About the whole relationship's part, it brings a few more depth in the show. I think the season finale will be something like Bernadette + Howard => Wedding Penny + Leonard => Relationship The fight will be over by than Amy + Sheldon => Something Ray => Lonely, because they need a single
  6. I liked the episode quite much. I think the fact that they were eating together with amy shows they want to continiue with this group.
  7. :icon_arrowu:It could also be that the chair was to make sure for the viewers that they really wanted to go to the best (geek) formula where Master Sheldon is back (perfect chair, afraid of dirty things and of course always right). FYI: what i would like very much
  8. I also thought "how on earth are they going to make this work", but i think the writers did a great job in bringing it back to the start. you can't go back in one episode, but i think they are on the good path back to the beginning.
  9. ganzzz

    Season 5 Reboot

    i agree with most of writen above. priya has to leave, and i think ray dreaming about penny is quite a good idea.
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