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  1. I don't like that it happened either and would rather it didn't have... but it was Annuled and therefore doesn't count.
  2. Go back to my post on the previous page for some pictures.
  3. Here's a picture from the set. http://instagram.com/p/fhIIZhMRPx/#
  4. Ill try to get a few things. Ill tweet her simple things like was there any good Leonard and Penny interaction? what about Sheldon and Amy? etc.
  5. Here's one person going. But she's an actress on a Nickelodeon show. https://twitter.com/kirakosarin/status/390231724535201792 So I doubt we will be getting a report from here. haha. Here's another tweet from her. https://twitter.com/kirakosarin/status/390247966977429504 Edit: Pics from Tonights Taping.
  6. that hug was so awkward. I see Shenny fans saying we are lying when we say that but it's true. It was really awkward.
  7. Any body have the username and passwords you use for sides express? None of the names and passwords seem to work. So im curious. Just DM me.
  8. Can someone pm me the passwords you now use on the sides sites?
  9. Do the sides express passwords work anymore for anybody here?
  10. the way some were acting, i was expecting horrible revelations in this report and there is no shenny what so ever. Of course a few will read to much into it but shenny is not a threat. It's a mother/son relationship.
  11. Can't believe some people made a big deal about that hug.
  12. I love The Big Bang Theory powers that be. I'm so happy they keep confirming that Penny and Sheldon are like mother/daughter and giving me more ammo in my arguments.
  13. Shenny fans are already starting. LOL. They are saying it's going to be canon that they slept in the same bed. Okay then. LOL
  14. I don't see why people are upset either And i'm a huge Lenny and anti Shenny person. Of course there will be Shenny people who read too much into things and bash Leonard but thats nothing new. Sheldon has spent the night at Penny's before. Sheldon and Penny have hugged before. It's nothing new and it's not a hint towards anything. It's just upsetting that people will read to much into it. But as far as Canon goes. Theres nothing new here.
  15. As a huge Lenny fan and someone who dislikes Shenny, i have no problem with anything in the episode. Of course there will be shenny fans who make more out of the hug and him going over to Penny's then it really is. Of course some will diss Leonard. It's more annoying then anything else. But as for Canon, I see nothing wrong with any of it.
  16. You go Rick! Tell them like it is. They think Kaley and Jim should date in real life and it's hilarious.
  17. You are so wrong. The Creators have said it will never happen so how could I possibly be threatened? This isn't insulting, the creators said this. So threatened? That's laughable.
  18. This thread may be the most hilarious thing on the internet.
  19. Please, there is no threat. We can think people are crazy and it not be because of being threatened.
  20. Sheldon has never checked out Penny.
  21. This thread has got even more hilarious since i last posted in it. Funny.
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