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  1. I think her voice is cute, in a weird way. Then again I'm weird myself so... eh! As Sursonica said though, I don't like that creepy personality that pops up on her occasionally, it's kind of scary.
  2. Definetely Sheldon, but Leonard comes in a close second... :D It's floating around the internet somewhere, try google... I think that's the only way to obtain it, I don't think it was ever released on disk or anything!
  3. I don't really mind Bernadette, but I do agree that the show is become less geeky! I mean, we rarely see an episode nowadays when it's just the guys being geeky with Halo and World of Warcraft, etc!
  4. Good luck to Johnny, he definitely deserves a win! They all do really... such a great show!
  5. Lol, thanks netmouse! I'll be getting my Garlic & Herb Chicken Steaks from the oven (yummy!!), then start watching Torchwood Series 2.
  6. Going to sleep, I've been up all night watching Torchwood Series 1. And these Monster Energy drinks don't seem to be keeping me awake!
  7. After using Firefox, I now see why people like it a lot. It's so much more organised and easy to use.
  8. I use Firefox, I prefer Internet Explorer though! As I’ve used it nearly my whole life.
  9. I have to agree, that came as quite a shock to me.
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