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  1. I think her voice is cute, in a weird way. Then again I'm weird myself so... eh! As Sursonica said though, I don't like that creepy personality that pops up on her occasionally, it's kind of scary.
  2. Definetely Sheldon, but Leonard comes in a close second... :D It's floating around the internet somewhere, try google... I think that's the only way to obtain it, I don't think it was ever released on disk or anything!
  3. I don't really mind Bernadette, but I do agree that the show is become less geeky! I mean, we rarely see an episode nowadays when it's just the guys being geeky with Halo and World of Warcraft, etc!
  4. Good luck to Johnny, he definitely deserves a win! They all do really... such a great show!
  5. I have to agree, that came as quite a shock to me.
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