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  1. I'll be enjoying a nice cold Budweiser before beginning preparations for my #SuperBrawlSaturday showdown with @RealSplendidKen
  2. What's the difference between regular Monster and import Monster?
  3. Walowizard

    Random Q

    That's the stage I've just got passed. Well, almost. For the most part, I wore a baseball cap. Luckily my hair grows fairly quickly!
  4. I can do the Vulcan salute. Nope, that's all I have to say.
  5. Walowizard

    Random Q

    Long on the top, short on the sides, normally tied back. However, I cut it, and it's in the growing stages. It's almost tie-back-able. I tend to grow my hair out, then a few months later get bored and shave it off. Then the process starts over haha!
  6. Walowizard


    Because although he doesn't respect her education, or employment (which he regularly comments on), they do have a friendship. She has helped him, he has helped her. When did he refer to Penny as his best friend?
  7. Walowizard


    Priya, Stephanie and Leslie are all educated, and have good jobs. Penny dropped out of community college, and is a waitress. Sheldon comes across as quite judgmental, really.
  8. Well, with Charlie Sheen's meltdown, and eventual departure from the show, Ashton Kutcher was cast as Waldon Schmidt, a Billionaire replacing Charlie Harper. Season 9, Episode 1 was on last night, and I managed to catch it through other means this morning. To be honest, I found it a little underwhelming, but I put that down to the restarting of the story, but overall, it was good. I enjoyed the Waldon character, which I think has unlimited potential, but to do feel that Jon Cryer will, by far, be the star of the show from now on. Now then...Charlie...Dead, right? Or is he? As soon as Rose was revealed to have been with him when he died, and the casket being closed, and I'm guessing Rose did the identifying of the body (if it was needed), I started to think that they've left open a return for the Charlie character. It wasn't his body/He and Rose faked his death/Rose pushed the wrong guy (I got from her speech that she pushed him). With the story that Ashton Kutcher only signed on for ONE SEASON, I feel that the producers are hoping to revive the Charlie role. Thoughts on the episode? Thoughts on my (not-very-well-thought-out) theory?
  9. I literally just watched that, before visiting this thread. The title is a bit misleading though "The Big Bang Theory Theme New season 5 intro". I thought it was going to be an actual new intro to the show! Well done though, cool pictures!
  10. I don't even think she quite got it right in the episode. It looked odd, like she'd pushed her fingers forward to help out a bit haha
  11. I dunno...she has 'needs' ya know...some of them kinda messed up
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