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  1. at the minute I am waiting for the 2nd showing on E4+1 I haven't voted yet cos I am still trying to calm down howard didn't want to know what was in the letter yet Sheldon decided to open and read said letter but what really wound me up was penny what on earth has it got to do with her or any of them to know what howards father had written
  2. because their landlord overcharges on the rent and carries out no repairs
  3. your right rachygd cos thats how she hooked up with a producer and as sheldon put it jumped up and down on the bed
  4. if the network thinks it would make money then it would get made if it eould be worth watching is a different matter
  5. how about leonard and sheldon head there on some kind of exhange and sheldon becomes obsessed with finding and catching Godzilla after all sheldon dont do vacations
  6. i expect the show to head downhill no lol moments no giggles and only afew smiles all i expect is swearing and lesbian sexual innuendos and if my expextations are proven right i wont even bother watching season 7 because i fear this show has reached its sell-by date and the blame lays at the feet of the writers forgetting their core viewers
  7. the speckerman episode but more because of penny i didnt like her much before but after that 30 min episode i lost all respect for her
  8. good idea but why not have bernie modify the soda
  9. please someone write it but remember the wizard was nothing but a conman with a hot air balloon lol
  10. i voted no simply because the show has become more relationship based rather than the 4 guys
  11. we in the uk bear no grudges netmouse your welcome back anytime just dont bring the giant bouncing mice with you oh we probably will get the mid season break unless the U.S make all 20 something episodes in one go lol
  12. sorry but i think howard will be back on earth for the start of season 6 it will be the same as when he went on astronaut training oh and F.Y,I the russians dont have a space shuttle
  13. copious amounts of methane a macy's day balloon is full of helium in rock,paper,scissors,lizard,spock what disproves spock
  14. i know i know lol i never liked pokemons either after all the idea of catching wild animals then training them to fight eachother never appealed to me
  15. if i remember correctly ( i am old my memory s good as it used to be ) for yhe uk the screening date is about 4/5 weeks after the first u.s screening think i got that right from the last season
  16. sorry but the leonard/penny romance is not what makes me watch the show but i agree that that the show needs penny untill they find a new one lol the tattooed comic book girl would be perfect so allowing penny to chase the kind of guy she prefers i.e one with the looks,the body,the money sorry but as you may have gathered i have a rather low opinion of penny
  17. this is a tough call do i circle sept 3thon the calender or not i didnt really enjoy season 5 enough to buy the dvd but........... decisions decisions not fair not fair not fair
  18. its a main stream cover for a main stream show its looks good though
  19. sorry but leonard self obsessed i cant see it myself.however i have thought for some time penny is totally self obsessed and lets be honest leonard can do better than a wannabe actress with a drink problem and the morals of an alley cat. pennys father realized that leonard was a catch but knows his daughter is more likely to end up bringing up his grandchildren while living in a house with wheels
  20. the wesley crushers what is the name of howards tiger in world of warcraft
  21. personally i would be lost without the re-runs even if E4 have neared saturation point with them, it would mean i would be stuck with soaps soaps and soaps oh what fresh hell is this and this from someone whos age is the atomic number for plutonium thank you google
  22. i am more concerned about lonely larry that guy has put some weight on maybe he aint lonely anymore lol
  23. a movie would be a great idea maybe based on the guys going to comicon a 90 min film would do it justice instead of just 20 odd mins
  24. so does that mean johnny will be coming out as hetrosexual who cares who jim sleeps with being gay carries no stigma anymore
  25. and the answer is lesley winkle
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