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  1. Any ideas on anything else worth watching on TV. My five favorite shows are: 1 Chuck- in my opinion the best show on TV. 2 TBBT 3 Smallville 4 Supernatural 5 X-Files... I also like Vampire Dairies, South Park, Friends, Cheers and Seinfeld. These are my tastes. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Trying to get into Fringe at the moment.
  2. Easily the best episode this season, unfortunately thats not saying much. Started out strong at least. Not enough Penny and too much of the other girls. When are they gonna focus back on the core group? When I read about this episode coming I was more hopeful, wow a Wheaton party! But the actual party scene time was less than 3 minutes. They must have different writers doing the show now. Losing faith.
  3. Its not a drama. Its a sitcom. Penny didn't want to have sex with Raj. They did it with cheap TV Booze Drama and it was despicable. It sure as hell wasn't funny. Didn't say it was funny. Didn't say it wasn't cheap. But as I did say drama sales (though I did misspell it). And more what I was commenting on is Penny and Leonard are not married and were not dating when the event happened. I really don't get the whole "they were both single" angle. There's so much wrong with that. First Penny dumped Leonard, she was the love of his life and it's been made clear he isnt over her
  4. Wow, you miss the point, even assuming Leonard and Penny never have a relationship again, Raj and Penny (I'm assuming) were not meant to be characters you love to hate. Over the course of the season and apparently for the future, the powers that be seem to be determined to make Penny the biggest slut on T.V., and Raj the biggest A-hole, but until the season 4 final episode at least you could say they both had a line they wouldn't cross, and had some morals, and were loyal to their friends. People forget or intentionally leave out that the Leonard/Penny relationship breakup was not mutual, he l
  5. To quote Jerry from the Seinfeld show, when he was asked when has sex taken place, he responded "when a nipple makes it's first appearance". While that may be a little exaggerated, IMO not by much. Through the seasons they really have turned Penny into a bimbo, and it's a shame because I really liked her character at the beginning. Some people don't want to admit that she would have had intercourse with Raj, who is a close friend with her ex, Leonard, who BTW is also suppose to be her friend, in his bed no less, this after admitting out loud that she loved him, and the only thing preventing th
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