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  1. I agree with everything you said, maybe we know now why Leonard couldn't get a girl all these years, he has his perfect dream girl in Penny but realizes she doesn't fit in his box he has her in and what's with him wanting his girlfriend to have the exact same interests as him if he wants that then he's going to be dating less hot, I don't know why that Penny believes in psychics is that shocking when she first met him and Sheldon she tells them she believes in astrology.
  2. cbolt

    Episode 3.01

    I totally agree with you too many people on here just brush it off or try to downplay it, what made me so upset is there really was no reason for it, they said he was being difficult did they just met him? It was just brushed off like no big deal, and Leonard could've cared less all he cared about is Sheldon was affecting his alone time with Penny(which what is that about all of a sudden she's hot and heavy for him, did they get the script from a porn writer? Talk about just throwing a couple together and not having them lead up to them getting together), talk about lacking compassion just his academic integrity is damanaged and might never be repaired. If I was Sheldon I'd kick Leonard out and throw his stuff out on the street andconvince Penny to take my side(not that it would take much). Not to mention Leonard wasn't even the one that told him it was raj and Howard and Leonard just brushes it off and then in Texas the guys give him some lame apology. This Leonard might had taken advantage of penny at the party if he thought it would lead to sex, right about the karma but shouldn't the sex be bad when he's involved, and what the crap was the speech about at the end, those are normally the best relationships. Then Leonard shouldn't went, want he did to Sheldon and getting with penny are separate Sheldon isn't keeping them apart. I'm not sure what you're asking are you saying religion is backwards or just Christians? Texas is in the bible belt and has the highest churches per capita in the country, not everything scientific or evolution is a fact, you have your beliefs and they have theirs.
  3. cbolt

    Episode 2.07

    It doesn't mean he can control his friends, I don't know anyone that has a set of rules or hands out strikes for his friends.
  4. A scientist having trouble believing that someone actually believes in astrology is not being a douche, he's being a man of science and reason. If it offends someone like Penny that much she could always stop going over to Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Since she didn't stop going over and she is dating Leonard again so obviously she didn't think he was acting like a douche. Either that or she wants Leonard so badly that she is willing to overlook his "douche" like behavior. Maybe she just isn't that sensitive. Oh shut up look in the mirror before you critize someone, I have no problem with Leonard not believing in astrology but his behavior was unacceptable, you act like Leonard is some saint and has such high morals, guess what he doesn't, maybe he should get a medal for not just being her friend/neighbor but putting up with her while they dated(sarcasm), why don't he get back together with Priya with their "perfect morals" and they can be happy together. What are you watching where you think priya is a good person and perfect for Leonard? Maybe Penny wants to be with Leonard because he won't hurt her or cheat on her and is with him because she feels safe and secure. Btw you're missing my point about the astrology it's not wheter he believes it or not( why is he surprised did he forget the first time he and Sheldon met her in the apt. and mentions her sign?) it's his behavior about it you can say "Penny I don't believe in that since I'm a scientist and need proof." but I respect your opinon and beliefs even if I don't agree with them(since he didn't maybe he doesn't respect her opinon or beliefs.) but no she says don't laugh and he does and makes her feel bad, when Howard knows you screwed up you screwed up.
  5. Good grief Rick they wake up in bed naked it's not hard to figure out what happened even if they don't remember, now she didn't specify how long they were broken up so I'm going to go with just broke up recently and I know it's hard to believe penny doesn't run out and grab a new guy the minute she's single, your putting words and thoughts into leonard's mouth and head and since he lives he lives across the hall would know if she's been out with anyone so the fact that not only does Penny tells him it's his and not only does he believe her but marries her should be good enough.
  6. It was a break through and it was meant to be seen as that, I believe. Penny isn't going to let go of Leonard anymore (thanks to her emotional train wreak in Season 4) but that does not mean smooth sailing for Leonard. He's got to deal with her fears up close and personal in Season 6. Yeah Leonard needs to stop running away or thinking it's about him when dealing with Penny.
  7. Penny has held hands with people before
  8. I can see Howard getting a ego about being in space and something happens that gives a reality check.
  9. Getting married cuz you got knocked up, one of the world's stupidest ideas ever of all time, I agree. Just because Penny would be a single mom makes her kid's life ruined, I disagree. Saying a binge drinker may be a bad parent, I agree. Saying the conception happened while drunk makes the child sick, I disagree, and that's just a silly thing to say. Not sure what you mean by angst. You implied that would be on the child, now you're saying it would be on Leonard? We're talking about Penny and Raj, Leonard has nothing to do with it. Penny being a single mother was never part of the equation. Someone who has a history of drinking to the point of forgetfulness more then once is a binge drinker. Getting married because Penny got pregnant after a night of Penny and Leonard got too drunk to remember the night will cause angst between them. Leonard being unsure if the child was even his would cause angst to him. That type of angst between the parents cannot be completely hidden from the child and will cause angst to the child. Now you're implying that Leonard isn't sure it's his.
  10. I was wondering when you would start taking shots at penny, for the record the post was about l/p had a drunken hookup and she got pregnant not sure what the rest of your post has anything to do with it. Penny would be a great mother and she wouldn't be going out getting drunk with a child, some people.
  11. Explain to me how a child becomes sick due to conseption of a drunken hookup? Angst?
  12. Sheldon is polarizing, if anything. Another reason Penny wouldn't date him - he'd be thrilled this thread was 50 pages and personally create 20 accounts so he could get it up to 100 pages immediately. Egotistic combined with the social skills of a rock is a dangerous combo. I don't see how him being polarizing is a reason for her not to date him, but Sheldon's response of course she would want to date him he a superior species.
  13. Never ending debate, lol. All it takes is that one person to say they are for and you've got what we have now. because then someone eventually agrees with that one person and then eventually you get a somehow equally debate. All in good fun and interesting conversation, I dig it. For those arriving late, the following is a summary of this thread so far. A: I'm right B: No. I'm right. A: What are you talking about. You're wrong and I'm right. B: lol. No. I'm right. A: How can you say that? I'm right B: No I'm right. ... B: How can you think that? Obviously I'm right. A: Why are you such a poo-poo head? I'm right. B: You're the poo-poo head. I'm right. ... Tripper: Some of the posts have been deleted. Please be civil. ... A: I'm right B: No. I'm right. EDIT: Actually a summary of many threads. Lol
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