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  1. I have seen every interview Jim has made, and that is the only one when he mentions the frying pan. Except for a written interview, that is here, maybe you are remembering wrong. I am not. I have an eidetic memory. The quote from that other interview is this one http://www.bullz-eye.com/television/interviews/2009/jim_parsons.htm: I mean, cbolt, is ok, ship Shenny all you like, you are free to ship whateaver you want, but don't say that Jim has said things he hasn't. Jim has said numerous times that for him, the show should end with Penny & Leonard getting married. He never said
  2. It's actually not ridiculous but quite scientific. Positing that something may happen in theory ("the creators of a TV show may do something even if they said they wouldn't do it"), then citing a FACT that something exactly like that DID happen ("the creators of a TV show did something they previousy said they would never do") is evidence. It's like refuting the argument "black cats do not exist" - yes they do, hey look at THAT one, looks pretty black to me! It's the evidence that TV shows are works in progress, and that the creators of TV shows do not always do what they promised pre
  3. You can post as many quotes to try and prove your point I know it's hard for you simple mind to grasp just because someone says something now they may feel diffent in the future. Penny and Leonard being loves of their lifes please maybe from Leonard, or maybe Prady just likes writing them like they did/do. Penny may love Leonard but not in love. I'm not sure we are talking about the same show. Leonard only wants to be with Penny so that he can say that he "got the girl"? Where did that come from? He looks at Penny as some conquest? Really? When did he EVER imply that? Is tha
  4. Here's a history lesson for Rick: The creators, the producers, and the writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer show all said that romantic Spike + Buffy is NEVER (and I mean NEVER EVER EVAH! ) going to happen. The stars and the writers of the show said "Ewww!" and many other things about the impossibility of that non-canon pairing. Guess what? IT HAPPENED. There were tons of SEX, and FRIENDSHIP, and LOVE between Spike and Buffy. It became the OTP of that show, despite what the "GODS" (gosh, such a stupid half-brained monicker!) of that show previously said. So never say never, Rick
  5. I don't think she's pregnant I think I heard she was sick for the finale, but she looks to slim and really fit to be pregnant. Suzelda this is about the cast and crew.
  6. For one slick we've never ran into one another thank the lord for that, you don't have to comment on everything I post.
  7. I agree with your first paragragh 100 percent, I agree with about Penny she's probably smarter than she's let on, for Amy I can see that what to be like the cool crowd in school but they have problems like anyone else, indont think Sheldon's problems come from his mother, it's more likely the rest if his redneck family and the town he's from.
  8. I can't believe that was an actual quote from Kaley not that she doesn't get whatever she wants.
  9. She's small but strong yet Howard can handle her, I'm not talking now just that they might have and you know she would've enjoyed a little mocha.
  10. Cbolt, you are actually making my point here. You started saying "Why I like Shenny" but went on about LP and why you dislike them. You are not saying why you like Shenny, you are just ranting about how much you dislike another pairing. Talk about the Shenny and why do you want them to happen and that's ok, but you are not doing that, you are just ranting on something else. And that is what happens a lot of times. And that is precisely what I was talking about. I would love to have a real and civilized discussion on the pros and cons of a hipothetical Sheldon/Penny relationship, but it alw
  11. Not sure they are flawed when they have so much in common, their background for starters. As for Leonard he hasn't progressed throughout as I believe it Howard he was much more fun when he had no hope. I just don't get l/p or the "hype" of them much less why they are together, I can't think of one reason as to why they're together and they don't seem to have anything in common, normally a couple needs to have things in common so they have things to do together and things to talk about, I gave them a chance watched all the seasons DVDs last summer and just didn't see it and thus became a
  12. Is it wrong to think raj and Bernadette would've made a cute couple?
  13. He was talking about Penny since she was the only one, I don't know why you act surprised if say Jim is a huge shamy fan like you would think he wouldn't be, geesh.
  14. I agree with you Baylee I understand they don't want it to happen for whatever reason(s) but to freak out like slick it's a little troubling and I hope "he" is calmer in real life.
  15. Yes I know they're not the same but they said Sheldon has no interest in a gf yet he's dating Amy, so you just believe whatever anyone says to you?
  16. I don't believe he was comparing it to Buffy just giving an example. So you admit there was a beginning, I didn't realize what they say is set in stone. As for how Leonard will react how did he react to thinking Raj banged Penny, he really disowned Raj didn't he. So you have to restort to name calling I don't call you a she even though you have little hearts at the bottom like a smitten teenage girl.
  17. Jim has never said good things about a romantic relationship between Sheldon and Penny, or even accepted any probability of it. He says he would be 'jaw-dropped' if such a scene ever came up, and Sheldon/Penny together would be like jumping the shark in the series. He does go all out in praise of the Sheldon/Penny friendship and comedic chemistry on the show, and has often said how much he loves working with Kaley. He said Penny would have to hit him over the head with a frying pan for him to admit his feelings for her. Here's a history lesson for Rick: The creators, the pro
  18. About the last paragragh what are you trying to say? There is a lot of discussions about the differences between Sheldon and Penny. I believe that those two actually share some fundamental similaries - they share a common background and nature: both Penny and Sheldon grew up in very similar loving (albeit "white trashy") families, and both grew up into good kind people with noble hearts. Their reaction to Howard going into space is EXACTLY the same - Sheldon and Penny are like twins in that moment, LOL! They both are so overwhelmed with emotion they need to reach out for human c
  19. Pffft. Tell that to Spike + Buffy shippers. For years the Fundies (that particularly brainless rigid nasty group of rabid "canon"-worshippers, aka Bangels) insulted and derided the redemptionists and Spuffy fans. Guess what? The show went where the Fundies were soooooo sure it would never go. Redemption happened. Spuffy happened. The Fundies, despite their years of increasingly nasty attacks on those fans who just preferred something different, ended up with a huge egg on their faces. Anything is possible. What is "delusion"? True delusion is thinking that only you have th
  20. Except you're having the hard time of grasping this, They're not related so if anything happpened it wouldn't be gross or anyother word you emwant to find, it would be between two adults yes adults and yes Sheldon is one even though he acts like a big kid at times, since he didn't have a childhood, he doesn't treat her like his mother(your reasoning is because he asked her to sing soft kitty), yes I know they have tried to potray him as a child due to not having one, so I don't see her looking at Sheldon as her child but as a friend, sorry if it confuses you. So it can only be incest for Sh
  21. No one is saying next season maybe 3 seasons(if it's still on), i think the possibility was there but they were focused on the little nerd getting Penny instead because he saw her first and deserves her due to his childhood, no one deserves anything in the world you have go out and get it.
  22. Well Leonard sure isn't coming up with original ideas(couldn't deal with the rejection if it was) like Sheldon does or the others as well. Leonard might had been the first choice but then they saw what the had in Sheldon, the show would be nothing without him, I can't remember a character like him. Also Leonard was going to pursue Penny and she eventually was to be interested by default, it wasn't Raj he's a mute, Howard was a creep and Sheldon was well Sheldon.
  23. As I clearly stated, some of the cast members seem to think that it is creepy. When Katy was asked about it and started her reply with "Ewwwww" that sounds to me like she thinks it's creepy. Where the incest thing between Raj and Penny thing came from is beyond me. I suppose that there is some kind of logic there for some but I fail to see it. Well I've seen Jim good things to say about it, last time I checked the cast wasn't asked or the Penny/Raj thing would never had happened, as the reason I asked is because she never expressed anything towards Raj so I was wondering if this is the
  24. She didn't take him seriously is because he asked her to make Amy jealous, Penny called him out on it and then left to go find Amy.
  25. I usually get what I want, you look like that Kaley you can get what ever you want.
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