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  1. I find it hard to believe someone wouldn't be interested in Penny.
  2. I also never understand why they make Penny depended on Leonard so much or her life is a wreck. I agree Raj was the only one that carried that howardcand Bernadette were getting married, the rest of the group was only caring about their problems. Yes last yrs finale was contreversial this one wasn't.
  3. The biggest challenge for the writers in Season 6 is to bring some sort of reason to the L/P relationship. Their current state gives both of them only part of what they want: - Penny has Leonard completely. She seems to brag about this. They have made her depended on him for order in her life and to boost her self worth. Her own father has even begged Leonard to "not give up on her" since he fears without Leonard, Penny will have an unhappy live in some trailer park. She is not likely to let him go now not after what we saw in season 4. But she is so confused about Leonard's reasons for lov
  4. lol. So are you saying that all guys are so shallow that they only sleep with women who are good looking? A guy would never sleep with a woman just because she will put out? No guys want to be with a beautiful woman, not a unattractive one, I've never seen a good looking guy with an ugly girl I'm sure there are some just haven't seen any. I do agree they need to do something with Raj he walks around with alchol in him so he can talk when the girls are around.
  5. 7.Disagree...Sorry "FIX" yes replace "NO" never break up the band. If anyone has any idea at all about how they could fix Raj I'd love to hear it. For me, he is forever the guy who tried to have sex with a girl who was black-out drunk (must have been like trying to have sex with a rag doll) when he should have blah, blah season 4 finale blah, blah, etc. etc. (probably shouldn't reopen that now). And not only that, but what exactly does Raj contribute to the show now? Yeah, yeah, I get it. You like how the show is going. Some of us don't. For one we don't know exactly kno
  6. I think they've done with Amy hitting on Penny, haven't seen it in a while, I don't think it's too unrealistic if she's sex starved and a virgin, remember what she was like when she first came on here, plus guys are attracted to attractive women and Amy is not that, also she has mentioned how she never mentioned having any friends until now. Agree unless Sheldon starts returning Amy's feelings it's just draging on and delaying the predictable outcome and needs to move on.
  7. Agree with everything except cutting out raj and cut the relationships. As for saying it's a soap then what are other comedys then?
  8. Actually Sheldon's initial being with Amy was from a intelligent stainpoint and without him knowing Penny he probably wouldn't have been Amy's friend. I disagree that Sheldon isn't attracted to Penny, now he might not be interested in her in that way(or any female except Amy) as of right now but I don't believe he's not attracted to her.
  9. That's what I've been saying it's that she realized she might have realized she loved him, it's what he replaced her with. She's not as smart as the guys but she's far from dumb, as far as I know there's only one reason for him dating her until it's revealed, unfortunately companies need someone with a piece of paper that says they're smart. I think the poster is talking about Penny feeling insecure about herself when she thinks about the other women Leonard has dated. Like in that episode when she asked Sheldon about Leonard's previous girlfriends "has he ever dated someone
  10. Penny never want's Leonard or anyone else to know how much she needs Leonard. I think you are also right that Leonard often makes here insecurities worse because he has never explained to her why he loves HER so much. When she looks at the other women Leonard has had it really does not make sense. I don't know about how much she needs Leonard that comes across as needy which she's not, for one we don't know not only why he wanted to date her much less why he loves her, or why she wants to be with him, but her actions overall in season 4 explained it and to Amy and Bernadette as well.
  11. That's a good comparison except for the part about Forrest being completely stupid.
  12. Not sure being a spy makes you intelligent compared to the others. One date doesn't count as dating. Her lack of education makes sense, and if they are going to continue to be together for season 6 I'd like to see this adressed not only why is Leonard with her but in love with her in the manner he is as well as why Penny wants to be with Leonard.
  13. Yes Penny and Sheldon are opposites but also have similiar things in common. No Amy isn't the same when she first came on but her and Sheldon are very alike.
  14. the "opposites attract mantra is total BS. That only works for sex. Have you ever seen a lasting couple where they are both total opposites? The thing is, when the lust fades, there must be some common ground for the relationship to function. A relationship is about companioniship and communication. Two total opposites cannot have that. Talking from experience. I didn't stay total opposites, opposites but have some interests, I've never met someone where their partner is basically the opposite gender of them.
  15. You're basically right. Here is the dialog from "The 21 Second Excitation" that set her off: Bernadette: Okay, my turn. Penny, truth or dare? Penny: Truth. Bernadette: Why are you still hanging out with Leonard so much even though you broke up with him? Amy: Oh, that’s an excellent question. For two people who claim to be no longer pair-bonded, you spend an inordinate amount of time in each other’s company. Bernadette: Yeah. Penny: Dare. Amy: I don’t believe the rules allow for an ex post facto option change. Bernadette: Yeah. Penny: Okay, look, just because w
  16. cbolt


    He's not a "sissy" he has zero social skills.
  17. I thought she stormed out during truth or dare was when they asked what would she do if some other female relaizes what Penny sees, I think most of the time Leonard makes Penny's insecruities worse, as for Leonard his insecruities get in the way always wanted to be loved, not letting his proposal go and move on instead of what he did.
  18. I don't get the shamy, they're cute at times, but don't you need opposites attract not basically a female you.
  19. I don't feel Penny takes Leonard for granted, she knows he'd never cheat on her(one of the reasons she's with him) so why get jealous. I agree it wasn't a real proposal, of course he wants to marry her the way he acted in the pilot is an example, but that's totally typical of Leonard as soon as Penny talks to him about not doing what he did last time a few minutes later he does that, for a guy with his IQ he can be dumb or at least around Penny.
  20. What a dark thought indeed, this isn't a drama or soap opera, why would they kill off Howard with the season he had.
  21. Not sure what the Au contraire when your post is basically my original post said, also it kind of sad if a person has to live their lives through a fictional person. My brother in law did. Not if you zoom in. Djvang if the show to you only has jumped the shark then why do you still watch you obvisouly continue to watch for a reason. You've already tried the "If you don't absolutely love everything about the show then shut up and stop watching it" ploy. I've already explained to you that it hasn't yet reached the point (as it did with Two and a Half Men) where I'm going to
  22. Well the episodes that Amy was gone and were Sheldon centered, if the episodes were she and Sheldon are featured together are funny than others I don't think it's intentional I think it just happens that way.
  23. I think it has been obvious from the start that Sheldon is attracted to Amy. The way they have written Sheldon, he is germaphobic in the extreme. That is part and parcel to fearing sex, "which is messy and involves pleas to a deity or some such," as he told Penny. The messy part is what is important. Sheldon has genitals, as he pointed out, they are functional but he is afraid to use them for the same reason he ia afraid to be touched. The urge would have to overwhelm his fear for him to succumb to it. At least that is what I see as consistent with the way they write him. That sounds OK, but I
  24. we are not saying that... We are saying that Sheldon finds her attractive, and that's all that matters on the show, regarding this conversation! We are not saying Amy is a knockout or anything, we are saying that SHELDON FINDS HER ATTRACTIVE "what has that vixen done to me, Leonard?" Give up, he doesn't want to see the point so he won't. I'm just not buying them in the long run I didn't ask for your money. I didn't say anything about money what a ridicolus comment. He's not afraid to use his penis, he views women as a distraction towards his goal of winning the Nobel w
  25. You are looking at this wrong, in my opinion. They don't write like that. They had a joke in mind. His medication was going to wear off just after she looks like she wanted him. She had to do that. It was the setup for the joke. Has nothing to do with the character. It wouldn't have been funny if she said, "oh hi, it's you," and then his meds wore off. Or you're looking into it way too much, oh the writing called for her to say that.
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