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    Episode 3.01

    I agree the whole penny/Leonard thing was rushed and thrown together rather quickly dated back to season 2 they were just friends and penny says leonard's name while making out with Stuart and then doesn't won't Leonard to go to the Artic because she'll miss him and can't keep her hands off of him the minute he returns, as for leonard being a jerk due to not getting any he's gone more than three months before and hasn't acted like this, I didn't like this episode because of the way he could care less about his supposed best friend Sheldon and just wanted to get in her pants he couldn't take 5
  2. Did anyone notice when penny was making breakfast and singing in the kitchen the dress shirt she was wearing looked more like it would've been sheldon's since it was big on her, if it was leonard's it would've been small on her since she's taller than him, I wonder how she got it, did she got into sheldon's room to get it.
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