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  1. He did that impression on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Was one of the characters he played in a weekly skit, "Cooking with Nicolas Cage".
  2. This was one of the more enjoyable episodes to watch this season. Loved the back and forth..... great the way the writers had Howard pushing their buttons and creating competition.
  3. This was IMO of the best episodes ever for the BBT and the funniest from start to finish in a long time. The wrestling and the girls kissing on Sheldon was brilliant.
  4. dnelms

    This shows decline.

    How can anyone say this show has not evolved? Sheldon actually held another human being's hand without prompting and fear of germs... a milestone!! I have never watched the show for it's science leanings, I watch and love it for the comedy. I know what Star Wars is but have never actually seen any of the movies, yet I am a highly technical person working in software. Still know what the references mean, but never been in to sci-fi movies, comics, etc. ... just computers and tech. But I still love a funny show, and this remains just that!
  5. Vanity card from last night. http://yfrog.com/kix16qgj
  6. Enjoyed the episode and enjoyed the "chores" Shelson had to do to meet Hawking. But just as soon as it was apparent that Sheldon would do anything, I told my wife that if Howard was any kind of friend to Amy, he should tell him that he (Sheldon) and Amy would have to have sex first. Then we'd really see how far Sheldon would have gone to meet him. Guess that's a little too "American Pie" comedy. In all honesty, with the terrible ALS that Hawking has, and you know from pictures what to expect, but his apprearance (how he looked, not be there) still freaked me out.
  7. If we're going for predictions, I'll say that Howard and Bernadette are at the altar, one of them will not want to go thru with it when it's time to say "I do" OR Howard's mom/Bernadette's dad speak up when the preacher asks if anyone wishes to speak.
  8. I can deal with a "so-so" episode every now and then. But the fact they are not doing a Christmas episode is very dissapointing.
  9. Tie between the Panty Pinata Polarization and the Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, IMO.
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