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  1. Open Jack be nimble or Jack be quick?
  2. Like the wrong person, kind of mistake or you thought they were about to hug you but they weren't, kind of mistake?...... Either way I don't think I have Have you ever played god with the lives of ants and had to decide who lives and who dies?
  3. tell me about it! I am dying here! Reruns are the only thing keeping me going
  4. Granted but at the moment your wish comes true Doctor Who explodes the universe and restarts it so you wish never exist I wish I was not worried about this upcoming test
  5. Oh this is so one of my favorite shows. I'm so sad when I have to wait a week to see what happens next! PS: don't tell me to read the books because it is already on my todo list I like the first shirt
  6. Nope but I have broke something and then when and bought a new one Have you ever had to decide what three books to take with you to the future?
  7. I should be getting ready for a test but I'm catching up on all the games
  8. *Dries my hair and climb the hill* Let's make this simple *Lightly push opalsaloony down the hill* Sorry but it's my hill even if I have been missing in action
  9. Granted but the PhD is in cheese making and Sheldon still does not find it to be a valid PhD I wish I had a pet otter
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