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  1. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Here's my late Christmas Wishes to everyone! Oh and Soft Kitty was a big hit. :D
  2. Are you sure the girls are not under-dressed?
  3. Lol I doubt you are alone in your thoughts or in the bitting of you tounge
  4. I shall spend the next 5 minutes trying to fine the thread I was posting on. I went to look something up and manage to lose the page and my half typed response
  5. I have to agree too. They have developed the other four main characters a lot but Penny keeps basicaly the same level through out the seasons. She hasn't progressed in her acting career or her waitressing career (though there isn't much room to go up with that). Every now and then we get thrown little bit, mostly that her family is rednecks, she has not been to college, and her brother being in jail. I would like her to have more personal development and to hear more about her past.
  6. Oh! that was a good episode. I hope they have another non-date
  7. Oh! That war is a lost cause. You will battle and battle but the battery will be your downfall in the end
  8. @Seph: Does she share her moneys with her twitter followers?
  9. Granted but it takes 452 years for you to reach REM sleep and really get any rest I wish the adjustor would call
  10. Aviodingtherealworld


    ^ Exactly what I thought. Of course it would have been another Amy based episode but thats how this season is leaning.
  11. TV, Movies, media of most kinds use stereo types all the time. Raj makes stereo typical jokes about himself through out all seasons of the show And this reaction is a bit delayed
  12. @netmouse: Yea I'm still alive and all together , just sucks that it happened
  13. Aviodingtherealworld


    Yea and it surprised be that they didn't extent that part a little
  14. Hey Seph! you made it back. Is uni finally on holiday break? For the next 5 minutes and the rest of the day I shall be waiting for the car shop to call me back.
  15. You think they'll share with me?
  16. I just threw some liveliness into my christmas season. I had a car accident yesterday. Perfect timing isn't? Blah. Oh well no one was hurt, only my poor car, so it could have been a lot worse.... Now back to the happiness!
  17. It might be that all the episode mesh together for him and that he can remember them indivually
  18. @BBTfan: I'm not a fan of Kelly either but I'd like to see Jim and hear what he has to say
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