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  1. It all depends on a person's own style
  2. @Imapotato: I can see your point about BBC show but also it feels like they're over before they even begin. And sometime if a show is away for too long I won't remember to catch the new season when it finally comes back, so for me I need a happy medium. & @netmouse: Yea now that I think about it a lot of the shows I have been into over the years, I have fallen out of love with for a couple season and then they manage to pull me back in
  3. Ditto! Plus I find Christmas songs a bit cheesy. thumbs up!
  4. I really like this show too but unfortunately I've missed most the past two seasons
  5. @white_knight: you have me curious now, but don't tell me any spoilers
  6. I'm sorry to hear your leaving. It was nice conversing with you even though we might not always agree. Hope to still see you around every now and again.
  7. Yeah seeing her acting career work would be nice, but I guess we'll have to watch and see how everything plays out.
  8. Jeez, I hope you aren't suffering under the delusion that anyone from the show actually comes in here and reads any of this. We never know. It doesn't hurt to try.
  9. Aviodingtherealworld


    @Aevitas: I thought she would have gotten a lawyer and it would be part of the next espisode
  10. I don't think she is hosting it but what I last heard was that she was part of a talk show. I heard it on one the comic con interviews, but it could be a couple years old now. What about a sub-par season?
  11. Umm... I'm going to go with The Good Guy Fluctuation, it's really the only one that stands out (in a good way) in my mind so far
  12. Aviodingtherealworld


    They already made the agreement to be girlfriend and boyfriend I don't think they will be in a "normal" boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. The writers would have to make Sheldon a completely different person.
  13. It would be fun to see them bring up those game more often in the show, instead of just in the one episode they're in.
  14. Oh sorry miss read. Problem is I still see the Alicia's character as being written even worse than Penny. And I don't think she would last in the long run either. The guys would have to go through the same process with her as they did with Penny and I think we'd just see a bunch of repeat episode with Alicia instead of Penny. Do you mean menition her from time to time like they do Joyce Kim? And I think if Penny does leave it will be either moving back home or making a big break. But if she did make it big I don't think she would just leave. I could see Penny inviting the guys to her premier and staying friends until the industry took her over and changed her. And even after they go their separate ways, I could see the guys watching whatever she is in.
  15. Umm... a bit too much Home Alone viewings when I was younger so now I don't really enjoy seeing it as often
  16. Voices, in reality, change with situtations and that's how I view it in the show. Its easier to hear with female voices than male ones. If a female is excited about something her voice may be higher when she is talking or if she is shy or nervous, which I bet Penny would be in the first couple of episodes- meeting her neighboors and asking for a favor already, her voice may be quiter. I think now that Penny is comfortable around the whole gang she just talks in her normal pitch which is a bit lower than expected.
  17. @yanumga: Episode one had niether character in it. And I wouldn't mind Sheldon's sister coming for a visit but we've only really met her in one episode so we don't know her true character. If the writers were to develop her character its possible she could be even worse than any of the female characters on the show right now. And have Lesile coming back for an apparence would be funny but something about her talkshow job won't allow it (I think).
  18. If she's upset then she should stand her ground and tell them. Alice was ok for one episode, maybe two, but I don't think it would work in the long run with her. But I do understand what you're saying.
  19. @ netmouse: Oh you should! You should! @Sherminator: I don't think the wizard's magic in Harry Potter works that way. My view is that dark magic drains on their souls but other than that magic is an every day thing for them. I think magic works for them like using our hands is to us, we start moving them without knowing what we are doing as babies and gain more skill as we age. Magic is just part of their life and without even knowing they have any magic they can do magical things.
  20. I mean a posting holiday. I'm sorry about your work schedule, try to relax when you can!
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