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  1. We need some one who has played it to come explain
  2. I think it has something to do with "its strange so let's poke it with a stick and see what happens" but instead of poking it they are watching a show they don't agree with anymore just to see what happens, maybe to watch the car crash
  3. Though I avoid Christmas music, I have to watch some of the Classic Christmas movies like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street". And "Gremlins" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" are two of my own traditions.
  4. I actually try to avoid the large amounts of Christmas music as this time of year. Places seems to choose 10 Christmas song and put them on repeat from Halloween to New Years.
  5. Seems like that might be the correct theory. But the writers didn't have Penny drinking in this last episode! but instead they had her steal I don't think thats a good trade off.
  6. I don't think it's possible to just recast Penny. Too many people know her and she is their favorite character. If Penny left they would have to start from the beginning in that area. And if they brought some one in that was too much like Penny there would be a roit about them repeating themselves and just trying to cover up Penny's leaving.
  7. Aviodingtherealworld


    They already made the agreement to be girlfriend and boyfriend
  8. I didn't really like the ending with them running down the stairs from the bully. They are grown men and should be able to tell some one to get out of their apartment even if he was a high school bully, after all it is their apartment. There were some funny parts but I think this episode was more on the serious side overall. I'm glad they're still putting the password bit in there every now and then. And Leonard line about bed wetting having is mother written all over it was a good tie to past episode. One thing that didn't really make sense to me was that Amy and Bernie know Penny was a popular girl in highschool so why would they think she got bullied. They went through bullying so they know the people who were most likely to be the bullies. And I was happy to not see Penny drinking
  9. I'm not sure how I would do as either of them, don't really play RPGs.
  10. Too bad I already order. Guess I should have waited
  11. Lol there is a character on another show with the last name Sweets. He's on Bones. They just call him Sweets.
  12. Magic, please! Magic allows for strength without might and the wonder of being able to do almost anything with a few words or a thought
  13. I think without Raj's mutism he would have developed into a very different character and I don't really think it would have been for the better of his character either. He can already be a complete idoit/jerk with a little acohol allowing him to talk, I think he would have been even more of one without his mutism. I agree with 4ofN though, I with he could occasionally overcome it.
  14. I've seen somewhere that that version was out way before Sheldon's idea
  15. Oh that would be a never ending discussion and people wondering when the writers would get back to the topic or if they were just sweeping it under the rug
  16. The correct quote IIRC is: "My mum smoked pot when she was pregnant with me and I turned out just fine." That just puts Penny down even more. At least she wasn't saying she smoked pot
  17. ^ Hope you didn't put soap in your eyes to wash them Celebrating!
  18. I thought they did some of that last year
  19. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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