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  1. I don't log out. That's kind dangerous but it makes thing easier
  2. Granted but Harvey is a gaint bunny who only stares at you I wish my wishes worked
  3. @ Seph: you didn't return to the planet? Doing what I always do on monday... trying to take over the world!..... Um I mean.... Typing. Yes typing is all I'm doing
  4. It's getting slow in this congrats thread :/
  5. Atleast in this season. Making him whinny does not develop his character
  6. What was her twitter statement?
  7. Bernadette isn't the type to let that happen. And no she isn't.
  8. To throw this into my nerdiness resume *Manga + me = obsession. I hope I don't have anything I have to do *Dr. Who is in the running for first place tv show in my mind. I have to figure out what is going to happen. I just must! *Harry Potter and me grew up together :D He shall never be able to leave! *And there's two little computer games that take over my life..... Sims2 (I control their lives! mawhahahaha!) and Plants v. Zombies (must kill zombies with pea shooter) And learning new things, including useless facts (hippos have pink milk!) is the icing on the cake
  9. He also closes doors not using the handle, I worry about him catching his fingers. I would have never notice these facts lol. What sharp eyes you two have
  10. It would have to be like a dream squence or something of that sort
  11. I like Bernadette, I think she quitely fits in. She's still one of the side characters mostly, not like what they have done with Amy's character. I think Amy get entirely too much time compared to the original four. I think its great that Bernadette has PhD but is totally different from the boys. I also happen to like her style very much :D
  12. I think it was more Amy getting a bigger part that changed the direction more, but you're right- the fireworks are about to start
  13. Though all the Raj and Bernadette stuff did make for a funny scene of Bernadette yelling at him
  14. It's kinda to be expected though. Howard is a momma's boy. She makes meals for him, does his laudry, makes his bed, and any other taking care of she does. Also he still lives with her. I think alot of those things put together are what says he couldn't marry someone who isn't a least half his mother. Though I do hope Bernadette makes him become more independent (or a least the trip into space does).
  15. I'm a book nerd (or a book worm). I love to read and learn something new. Gaming (though I'm not good at it; mostly computer gaming) is a second when school and work aren't stopping me.
  16. Hello! I hope you find lots of people to talk with because their are a lot here that agree with your view.
  17. I don't think it's radical. I think they do over do his change some episodes but its not radical.
  18. I know it is random and tenuous but it made me chuckle and I had to share I would have never seen that or heard it. I will chuckle with you
  19. What if it's not hidden? I don't even wanna contemplate that idea.... But I need to know what to do. Is it deadly?
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