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  1. I like Bernadetta on the show. I think she's really cute and a good match to howard (except on a recent episode where she wouldn't let howard go into space). Her voice is one of the charms about her, I think her voice even makes her character sometimes. I think her style is really cute too. And I find her less annoying than Amy (I like Amy too, just not her sexual advance on Penny all the time)
  2. Trying to make it to where you have to change the title to 2000th Post
  3. ^ Yuck! Studing >P Eating my breakfast, before I kill over
  4. Granted but your feet burn up I wish it was two weeks from now
  5. I was wondering why the hill is still mine after this amount of time :/
  6. Soft Kitty is suppose to come in today I can't wait!
  7. They still allow him to make them, just alot less of them
  8. Welcome! This is the place to be if you are obsessed
  9. But we know she has a thing for designer shoes that she can't afford so why not outfits too
  10. The writers have not and most likely will not confirm or say that Sheldon as Asperger syndrome. The writers explain this as Sheldon is Sheldon. And also my theory on it is, if his mother had really had him tested for being crazy the doctors would have tested for everything and the test all came back as negative. So in conclusion.... Sheldon is Sheldon.
  11. Ah unicorns and rainbows, can't have one without the other.... Well unless you are in Harry Potter, then don't let anyone drink your unicorn's blood
  12. I think part of the glory of the first couple seasons of BBT was that simpletons could watch it and enjoy it, and those people looking for something with more substance could also watch it and enjoy it
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