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  1. Ugh... unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to listen to good music on youtube. I had to listen to crazy people. Well not crazy, just over excited
  2. I reached 500 post! *confetti flies* I think this is an appropriate place to celebrate
  3. *tips cowboy hat* Howdy partner
  4. *shiver* yuck! I'd rather the word than it being described that way. Granted but now their heads are made of sh--.... umm.... I mean.... Yeah so any way, they don't get much better :D I wish I had some motivation that was not to play on the internet all night
  5. O'children by nick cave Very good lyrics and thank you Harry Potter for using it
  6. I like your whole point. Its basically how I feel about it too. Your reference to friends made me think of one from my life. I'm an extremely picky eater, which many people consider a childish thing. They also consider it childish that I don't like to try new foods but my view on it is, its not hurting you so get over it. I know what I like, I'm not starving, and I can go eat at almost any restaurant and find something to eat (even if I tell the waitress to take half the toppings off)
  7. Yes we made it over half way! I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible Now onward!!!! 503
  8. Somebody will find a way to beat Chuck Norris.... One of these days ..............One of these days
  9. I can't lie... You have made me quite curious And it's not Christmas yet....?
  10. Oh school enemies, fond memories But your point at the end is a very good one
  11. We've already tried to unite the procrastinators but it just didn't seem to work. I think we might run into the same problem here
  12. Not to put words in Aviodingtherealworld's mouth, but I think she meant that all the people who want to see Shldon and Penny together should lose all hope about seeing Sheldon and Penny together, not to lose all hope of the show. Correct 4ofN but I won't fault them if they don't. It is, after all, all about how people want to see the show for themselves And I am not a Shenny person, so to me that line meant its never going to happen.
  13. I think you're thinking of the wrong person, he's only bitter half the time anymore And everyone can't argee then the forums would be quite boring. I'm ok with people saying negative things about the show as long as they don't harp on them or beat the conversation to dead horse status.
  14. But the problem is there are sooooo many different types of nerds
  15. I still think the room would be filled with disgruntled fans and a few who only began watching at s5.
  16. Then here's my request, Please don't comform to herd mentality. Its not attractive when people can't think for themselves and they only do things because that is what they people around them are doing.
  17. Oh, I thought of another. Captian Plant!
  18. yup, auditory dreams Cool! My guess was right.
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