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  1. I wish they'd stop making people drunks! First Raj, then they backed off on that. Then Amy, and they backed off on that. Next Raj for a second time and this time he's a complete drunk And now Penny, her passing out on the floor says it all
  2. There you go all the fans who want to see Penny and Sheldon together! The thought was entertained, Penny words "You are so not the guy." Though Sheldon asking Penny out was quite funny and him not getting Penny's story. Also There you go all the fans who want to see Sheldon and Amy take things a step foward! They made the leap or maybe just a bunny hop, but they did move. I though the contract was great and I'm surprised Amy didn't get a lawyer. (I was a bit afraid they would bring Pryia back to read over the contract) As for Penny and Leonard, all we need is for Sheldon to tell Le
  3. With the earth getting eaten by the sun....?
  4. I stopped reading at this point.... what?? lolz.... I know what question 21 would be. :D I actually did the same as you netmouse, lol, but my brain went wait there's more information there, so I continued on
  5. Why is it considered childish when some one still enjoys comics and video games or even dressing up as a character for things like comic con? Or why are guys thought to be immature if they still enjoy such things? I understand there is a line but there is quite a difference in enjoying video games and playing them 24/7. I think as long as there is a balance in what you enjoy doing with your free time and handling the adult side of things then a person is mature, because of being able to have that balance.
  6. You know thinking of my past relationships with tv series, I don't usually make it to season 5 and beyond. And usually when I do its because I stopped watching a during season 2 or 3 and happen to pick it up again in its beyond state. So I guess you could say BBT is my longest tv relationship.... O.O
  7. Maybe guilt if I had cheated would make me feel sad about feeling good? Granted but it's made of paper (lol don't go crazy with giving people paper cuts) I wish it was December
  8. I think he'd be more likely to compare them and talk about how much more care Penelope Pitstop would take care of her car
  9. Oh Goodness! How could I forget Muppet Babies!
  10. There seems to be a lack of sleep in my pants
  11. Granted but you have to pay it all to the government for taxes I wish I felt better about the stupid test I just took
  12. Ok this thread has to reach 500 post before I do
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